Sunday, July 18, 2010

Completly Obscured of one Celestial Body by Another

Friday night I had the chance to FINALLY go and see the new Twilight: Eclipse movie, and I was BEYOND excited about it. Judge all you want, but I just can't help but love those books and movies. Haha! They're really NOT well-written, I have admitted this before. However, I adore the character struggles and relationships.

Koko and I have often talked about the great eye-candy (Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson) that they chose for the movies as well... Haha! Okay, we discuss more than this. In fact, these past weeks we have been debating, for books that aren't THAT well-written, what is it that draws people in - especially educated and practical individuals, like Koko.

Recently, there was an article that Koko read where a review stated that people love these movies because of how “hollow” Bella is as a character. I think they hit it spot on. As a character, Bella is surprisingly normal, and under-developed. It allows the reader to place herself (or himself, I guess... kinda) in her place and fill in the spots that are missing around her, and more easily see yourself as Bella. The reader feels as though they are the ones having these strong emotions and supernatural experiences, and for a lot of woman, the love triangle that is created by Ms. Meyer is a confusing, but attractive thing to “be a part of.”

Just a thought...

So, I went to the movies tonight with Luise, after a Twilight and New Moon marathon last night. She had never read the books or seen the movies, so we had to watch the first two. She fell in love with Jacob more than anything, haha! What young girl wouldn't?! Have you SEEN Taylor Lautner? Yea, enough said. Anyway, we went to the movie and it was so fun, but so different from watching in the states.

In a way I was glad I saw it here, removed from the screaming teens and super-fans. There are still PLENTY of hardcore fans here, but it's different... People here don't scream when the movie title appears for Robert/Taylor first appear on the screen. It was nice in some ways, but yet, I kinda missed it... I kind of missed the way Americans get all geared up for premiers and really get into it with the character on the opening few days... It's all about quite watching and nervous quite laughter and whispers when this happens. I made sure to ask Luise first if people screamed at those places, and when she said she had never seen it there, I thought it best to restrain myself. Haha!

My point? I really liked the film. The acting is getting better with each film - I'll give some credit to the actors, but I give most of it to the director. Good directing has a LOT to do with effective portrayals of characters and emotion. The CGI for the wolves and special effects were great. The makeup gets better with each film - thank goodness, cause the first film was super terrible. It was well-done and I really enjoyed it... For my guy friends, there is even a massive fight scene between the wolves and the vampires. Yea. Okay, so most of you still won't see it. It was worth a shot, right? Haha...

So, whether you are a fan of the books or not... whether you are female and a fan of beautiful men, or not (that would be weird)... or just a man extremely comfortable with their own sexuality - or want to impress the cute girl from your BioChem class... you should go see the movie. Yep, this film is officially endorsed by Linze. Your Welcome, Eclipse.

P.S. Entry Title = Free Interpretation. Am I speaking of the Eclipse film title itself or the celestial bodies WITHIN the film?


Song of the Day: It is only appropriate that I choose a song from the Eclipse soundtrack, correct? Haha... This really is a fabulous song, by an artist I fell in love with two or three years back. This is Sia's song My Love - brilliance. Enjoy!

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Ash and Matt said...

Linze, I love you for pointing out that the writing in the Twilight series is definitely not good! Your acknowledgement of its flaws and justification for liking it anyway almost make me want to see the movie haha. I'm sure I will eventually :-)