Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Slimmin' Down Over Reality TV!

Over the past month or so, I have grown rather fond of working out in the mornings while catching up on some of my favorite American television programs. I ride the workout runner upstairs (I'm sure there's a real name for it, but I don't know what it is - haha!) for an hour and set up my computer on top of the TV to stream the shows form the internet... I love those blessed sights that find ways to put up the recent episodes of my favorite shows, because Hulu won't let an American in Germany log on. Haha!

Anyway, there are more benefits to this TV/workout routine in the morning than my SLOWLY getting smaller thighs and waist-line - though I am SLOWLY beginning to enjoy those benefits... and hope that they continue on and on... The other benefit is that YOU get to read my thoughts on all these "great" (debatable, I'm sure) television programs! Or, you can skip the entry... either way, I'm bloggin' about them because they're on my mind. Haha!

So, let's begin with the one I really want to touch on... The Bachlorette. I know, I know... I got into The Bachelor last season for the first time and so I knew when they picked a girl from that season as the new bachlorette, I had to watch - right? So, when the season began I started watching right off the bat and have to say, I think it's one of the cutest and yet, cruelest shows ever created. Those two things should NOT be said next to one another, I know, but they roll together in this show somehow. I mean, it makes me smile and roll my eyes when someone says or does something cute, because there are numerous guys fighting for ONE girl and she's ultimately leading on a huge chunk of guys.

Of the three left, I'm rootin' for Roberto. He's great for Allie, I think, and they both seemed initially and genuinely attracted. I just really like him... and I think he goes best with Ali. I like Chris a lot, but I think there is someone that's a MUCH better fit for him out there... He should be the next Bachelor - just sayin'. I like him. That guy was a fave from the start, and I think he'd go great with Ali, but I there's so much holding him back. However, who can blame him? I mean, all I also love Frank! his fears are legit. He says, "I could be confident in our relationship one day, and that night you send me home," and he's right. That's the name of the game... excuse me, "show." It's a sucky situation overall for everyone involved - and all SO public. I could never make-out on camera like that - ew.

Okay, so that's The Bachelorette. To go along with that, there is a video below that is a complete parody of the season so far and it's CLASSIC. If you know anything about the show, and perhaps if you don't, you'll enjoy this...

Alright, onto the next show... Um, this one will be short: The Hills. The series finale was last night and it left you with a knowledge that we all knew in the back of our minds... It's totally loosely scripted. Haha! I mean, com'on. We all knew it... Well, all of us who watched the show. It was the perfect ending for the show though (which the last minute is below, so you'll see what I mean)... creative, and left the audience fulfilled and yet, with a sense to know more... good job, scripting - for once. Haha!

I can not explain why I liked this trashy show, especially after LC left the show and Kristin made her grand entrance. The show was TEN TIMES better when LC was the star - love her. In fact, I will be reading her books when I arrive back in the states. Haha!

Okay... The last reality show I want to touch on is my FAVE right now - So You Think You Can Dance. Um, I ADORE this show! I don't know what it is about it, but I always get a tad emotional watching it. There is always something that moves me and makes me want more and more... Love it. I was CRUSHED last week when Alex Wong (first video) tore his Achilles heel and had to withdrawal -that kid is fire on toes... seriously, amazing! However, my FAVORITE in the competition is still in - Kent Boyd (second... and third video - haha)! Dang, that kid is fabulous as a dancer and a person... I am just SO impressed with him. If you have not had the pleasure to see either of the boys I talked about dance, then you should thank me for the videos I am posting below. These guys are boss dancers -serious.

(The last video is Kent and another contestant, Lauren... and I also LOVE her! It's also my favorite dance Kent has done...)

Along with the dancing though, the show provides the viewer with the names and artist for each song used. You can find GREAT new finds on that shows as a lot of people use more obscure artists or pieces from well-known artists - aka: non-singles. I have FILLED my Ipod with songs form that show over the past three seasons... Love that.

Last, I just have to say that I am in love with the show Lie To Me. The scripting and themes are crafted and creative, and the characters are great. They're developed enough to care, but leave holes enough to keep you grasping to know more. Each show is intriguing and thought-provoking. I like it... a lot. And, it's not even a reality T.V. show! Haha... I know, big surprise there, eh? Y'all should check it out.

Okay... enough on the media fill for now.

Song of the Day: I am currently "re"-loving on Jason Mraz. Here is his song with James Morrison, "Details in the Fabric". Enjoy!

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Katria said...

I am really surprised that you don't have more MTV shows listed on here. The last time I watched MTV, it was some show called Silent Library and it was... I don't even have words to describe it, but it kind of reminded me of you. Maybe just because what channel it was on, I don't know.