Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dance Party!!!

I am thankful for dance parties. I love dancing... breakin' it down to a new jam = sweet perfection. Now, add two adorable children to the mix and it gets even better!

Since I have been in Germany, I have taken to pick out new songs for the boys to listen to that I think they will love and enjoy. I'm 7-0 now.... That's 7 wins and 0 loses, in case you weren't sure. You can take the girl outta the sports, but not the sport outta the girl... or something like that.

Anyway, let me begin by listing to the glorious songs I have helped my "children" for the year become obsessed with...

1 - Fireflies: Owl City - GREAT song! It's catchy, but chill... and it's got fun lyrics for kids to giggle at and try and determine what the singer is actually singing about. It's a good one, and it's Nico's fave.
2 - We Like To Party: Vengaboys - I did EFY for three summers... what do you expect? I wasn't going to come all the way to Germany and NOT teach these future youth the PB&J dance... No, I wasn't goin' out like that.
3 - Hoedown Throwdown: Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana - The girl with the dual personality wins again. I couldn't resist - the song is PERFECT for kids, SO fun to dance to and sing-along with, and it's clean. LOVE it. Finni loves to sing the echos in "Do the Hoedown... THROWDOWN!" Haha...
4 - Break Your Heart: Taio Cruz - Haha! Okay, perhaps I was pushing some boundaries here, but it's a legit song. Plus, it is TOO cute when Finni starts singing, "I'm only gonna break-break your, break-break your heart!" Is that bad? Nope... don't think so.
5 - Oh, Africa: Akon & Keri Hilson - This one was PERFECT in gearing up for the World Cup, and SUCH a fun song about reaching for your dreams. Nico is also the biggest fan of the harmonies in this one.
6 - Popular - Kristin Chenowith (Wicked Soundtrack) - Yep. The boys are loving on musicals... and I am LOVING on that! Haha... It really is mostly Nico here too. He is SO great with music and picking out harmonies and melodies, and catching lyrics quickly... It's awesome! I also got them addicted to Your A Good Man Charlie Brown when I first got here, but that's faded since about March. They would sing along to Beethoven Day and Suppertime in a heartbeat though - so cute! My future actors!
7 - Most recently..... Love Today: Mika - Chuck, if you ever read my blog, this is thanks to you! Haha... I thought of you dancing around to it the other day and thought it would be PERFECT for the boys to jam to. I was right! They LOVE it! Nico was asking for it all day and even told his mom she HAD to hear the new cool song. It's from a few years back, but still OH, so good! Haha!

Tonight I decided to put on Love Today, after Nico insisted Koko hear it, and we ended up having a MASSIVE dance party between the boys, Koko, me, and Luise for about a half an hour. I got a double work-out in today, that's all I'm sayin'. Haha! This actually happens often with me nad the boys - and I adore it. Music and dancing with my two little loves - it doesn't get better than this right now in my life. Nope - my life is pretty good.

The next song I plan to get them addicted to shall be my "song of the day" - there are two I am vying for, but this is the one I'll start with....

Song of the Day: Somebody To Love - Justin Beiber. Don't be a hater - and don't knock it till you try it. I am in LOVE with this one right now!!! I will ask what I asked via facebook... I'm 24 years-old and can't stop lovin' on Justin Beiber's jams... Is that wrong? No. No, it's not. Oh, and the dancing in this video - classic. Enjoy!


Kate Turner said...

A few things- I love dance parties and I love them with you, I love that your "comments" link says "witty anecdotes", I love Rupert Grint or Ron Weasley.... whoever, and I love that I saw you in another country! You're the raddest-baddest and I love you! :)

Sarah Ray said...

It sounds a lot like the dance parties I have two times a week...almost the same playlist. I MISS YOU and can't wait to have our dance parties again!