Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday, I was having a heart to heart with Phineas because he had said (while laughing and joking, "You're stupid! That's funny..." Let me say in his defense that he has been starting to say this word when he's angry, but in this instance he really thought he was just joking around. So, I explained to him that when he's angry and he says that something is stupid, I don't like it very much. However, calling someONE stupid is NOT okay - ever. We talked for a few moments about how it hurts people's feelings and it's a MEAN word that way. I told him, "You're a nice boy, not a mean one... so you want to use nice words, right?" He agreed and said he was sorry - very cute. However, THEN this was said... to which I almost died laughing, but contained myself:

"It would be cool if God said that stupid was an okay word..." - Finn
(Repressing laughter) "Yep, Finn... but I think God would want you to use other words."
"Yea. But, it's okay because he let's us draw whatever we want. We can, we can draw fire..."

Um... I live Phineas. I love him to the moon, to Jupiter, around the milky way, and back. That's a lot. Each time we say we love each other it's always some crazy distance or amount, and both boys think this is quite funny. Sometimes, I switch it up and say to him or Nico, "I love you more than one million M&Ms on a chocolate cake!," but we seem to mostly talk in distances.

This morning on the way to school, these lovely little remarks were made as Finni rode his bike next to me on the way to school.

"It was raining and then it just stopped... That's funny." Then, he proceeded to giggles tremendously and ride faster. It was ridiculously cute.

I asked him a few moments later:

"Finn, what do you want to be when you grow up."
"I want a bigger bike."
"Ok, but what do you want to BE, not have, but BE?"
"I want to be someone who has a different shirt."

The simple minds are the best sometimes. If that's what he wants to aspire to, why, he'll have reached his goal in the next six months or so. Perhaps I should lower my ambitions.

Unlucky for me, the rain that had ceased as we rode to the Kinderhaus started right back up again after the boys were in the door. I said a silent thank you prayer though, because riding with the boys when it was raining hard would have caused whining, tears, and very wet clothes for their day. I had the latter upon my return to the house. I was SOPPING wet, but luckily had decided to stay in my PJs until I worked out and was coming home to do just that. Thus, I just slipped em' off and headed up stairs to find some dry workout clothes. Done and done.

One last note. I have been reading in Alma with the boys in the morning before school, and we just finished reading about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis burying their weapons although the Lamanites were coming against them. So, I quiz them a bit after I read to them to see what they got from the story and we talk about it on the way to school. Well, tonight after dinner they were playing with their wooden swords and I asked the boys to tell their Dad what we'd been reading about. They knew the names and such, but later as they were getting ready for bed upstairs, I heard Dad say, "Boys, enough. It's time for bed. Put the swords away." Nico said seriously to Finni, "Finn, let's bury our weapons of war. Let's not fight any more."

It made me smile... :)

Song of the Day: Luise pointed me in the direction of this song and I cna't believe I had never heard it! It's Craig David and Sting - and AWESOME! Here's Rise and Fall. Enjoy!!!


Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Okay, how stinking cute is Phineas? Little kids are my favorite things about life. It would be so boring without them! My "baby" brothers crack me up on a daily basis.

Oh, and I must tell you, I laughed when I read your comment about the bad cop/mom thing on my blog. You hit the nail right on the head with that one! And just for the record, while we're on the subject, you are going to be one of the best moms ever someday. I love getting a glimpse into that with all of your cute nanny stories!

Anya May said...

Oh I love those boys so much! I don't think I have to say that twice although I am sure if we read through most of my witty anecdotes they would mostly begin that way...

I love my boys!

Strangely enough I miss coming home sopping wet from the rain.

I also love the boys to crazy distances.

You're such a great nanny. Seriously. Words aren't adequate.