Thursday, July 22, 2010

It Could Always Be Worse...

If you're thinking about how bad your day has been, how stressful your life is, and all the negativity around you...It could always be worse.

This is not my bike. It is also NOT the bike of anyone I know. However, it belongs to someone out there... and now someone new owns the tires. To think the rider thought a bike lock was enough - silly man... or woman... silly individual.

Just so everyone knows, when this picture was taken (two weeks ago) I was pushing a full-sized grill down the street from the U-Bahn in 98Degree weather that we had decided to take to Nico's graduation for the cook-out. I was thinking two things at that time... One: I can do this. Two: This sucks. Then, I saw this bike and started busting up laughing. I put my stuff down and pulled out my camera for a shot, and then I thought of the rider...

It could always be worse.

Song of the Day: The OTHER song I am currently obsessed with is the beloved David Archuleta's new single from his upcoming album, The Other Side of Down, set to release in September. Here's David Archuleta's song, Something 'Bout Love. ENJOY!


Ash and Matt said...

So true! I love your little piece of insight. Haha, that poor bike owner! (Although, I feel pretty bad for your plight that day as well!)

Also, I like dance parties and the Spice commercials--Old and New. Hilarious :-)

themacmomma said...

Ah, poor biker person! How funny! I love reading about your world travels! You go lady! So are you being a nanny or just traveling?
Lovin your music!

a sunlit dreaming tree said...

AMEN!!!!!! thank you for this way to start out my day. love you so much, linz!!!!!! <3<3<3<3