Monday, July 19, 2010

Spice It Up!

I couldn't resist... Here are two very short commercials. Take 2 minutes out of your life to watch both (yes, both can be viewed in under two minutes), and compare them. It will make your life a little brighter... whether you're a BYU Alum/Student or not.



Um... LOVE this. I have always loved Old Spice... friends will tell you I stop in Walmart to smell the goodness. Back to the commercials - BOTH commercials were covered by CBS - double awesome for BYU students and Stephen Jones - the boy I don't know, but should.

P.S. This guy is a comedian with BYU's Humor U and is QUITE hilarious... and it's hard to impress me with comedy sometimes. I easily laugh, but that doesn't mean I'm easily imressed with stand-up comedy - I'm not. So, instead of a Song of the Day, I'm going to post one of his videos. I better marry someone funny someday... Enjoy! Haha...

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