Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Italy, Part III: Ostia, the Final Installment!

I am a woman who loves the beach. I love the sand between my toes as I walk along the shoreline, and the cool water splashing up my legs. I love the golden sun rays beating on my face and the sounds of children laughing as they get dunked in the ocean waves. I love the smells of the ocean and tanning lotions, and the taste of a cool, fresh shaved ice! I love the sunsets over the ocean tide... Yep, I am a woman who loves the beach.

So, I was stoked when I found a cheap hostel right outside of Rome that would allow me to spend the last two days/nights of my long vacay outside of the city, just relaxing in the sun. Actually, dedicating a whole entry for those two days is completely legit (cause it was awesome!), but I didn'd DO a lot there, so there isn't much to tell. I spent the two days laying in the sun, getting tan, and watching World Cup games at a bar on the beach. Though, they were ONLY playing games on the weekends and evenings... In fact, most places were only OPEN on the weekends or evenings - even gelatorias. That was a bit bizarre, but it was fine.

Another thing that was bizarre was that most of the beach was separated into private and public spaces that weren't very long. I was kinda blown away by how much separation there was... I wasn't into that. You could walk on the water line, but not go a certain amount of feet onto the beach space if it was a private area - totally weird. I mean, is the sun that much better five feet to the North or South? Yes, I guess it is. Also, I'm pretty sure I was on "paying beaches" most of the time I laid out, but I didn't really know so... I plead ignorance. Haha!

I also took time one morning to walk down to the big boats docks and check out the local "scene." Though there wasn't much of that, it was still nice. It reminded me a lot of a San Deigo feel, right near the boarder. People were driving around with Italian and Spanish rap blasting from their cars, the building were more run down, and everyone was beach bummed out. It was a chill feel, and reminded me of the summers of my youth in Cali. I loved that...

I also found WAY more good looking Italian boys there at that beach! Haha... The ones in the city seemed so... greasy. Not just their hair, but their attitudes and language - greasy is a good word to describe it. However, out by the ocean it wasn't as prevalent, but the arrogance was still present. I find that Italian men came across very cocky... and I was NOT into that. Oh well... No Italian lover for me this time around. Haha!

On one note, my room in Ostia was for six girls, but there was only two of us the whole time. In my room it was me and an Argentinian woman in her forties, who was awesome. We watched the Argentina and Mexico game together while this boy from Ghana made us dinner - it was totally classic. I made close with all the staff there and hung out with them - all older Italian couples, but it was a blast. It was just FUN and chill... I totally recommend hittin' up a beach on your way outta Rome, though perhaps stay even a bit more out of the city area... It could have been nicer in a less crowded area, though it was a convenient area.... I took the Metro and then train right to my stop on the same ticket.

So, that was Ostia! I got a beautiful tan, some beautiful men to look at, and my last scoops of gelato to each on the beach - glorious.

Sidnotes: I had the BEST pizza in all of Italy on that beach, and a whole one for 5Euro... brilliant. Also, two cute moments: One, when a little boy saw me watching a crab and came up to me, asking in Italian if he could join me. Haha! SO cute! Also, when I was walking back to my hostel the first night, there was a dance going down for older people - like 60 and 70 year olds. SO cute! It was all ballroom and I thought of my friend Sarina marrying her Italian fiance and one day doing the same thing -haha! Totally cute! There's a video below of that and the feel of the place... check it.

On one other note - I watched more of the World Cup in my month of travel than I ever have in my entire life! It was fabulous... though I was rootin' for Netherlands in the end, and they lost... My teams (in order) were: England, USA, Germany, and The Netherlands. Just to let y'all know.

I officially love soccer - ahem... football. Nope. Still can't say that - American Football is still my favorite and I can't interchange the two names. Though Nico did ask me today, "Why do they call it football in America if they mostly use their hands?" I replied, "Nico, that's the rest of the world's question."


Song of the Day: Today's song is going to be a new one from the one really good thing that came out of American Idol: Season 9 --> and he's not even on tour with them right now, cause he was voted off to dang early. Just sayin'. So, here is Alex Lambert's song, "I Didn't Know," but you should also check his song, "Dream With My Eyes Wide Open." The video is kinda blech, but the song is SO worth it. Serious. He sounds like a young James Morrison meets John Legend - LOVE this voice! Enjoy!

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