Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Farmin' Funny...

Today at school, one of the teachers came across this little beauty in the Salt Lake Tribune... It's a letter to the editor in response to an earlier complaint by certain reader's about the use of profanity in a local theater production, and it's quite entertaining.

"The recent flurry of letters to the editor about what some people call “strong language” in plays has me asking myself what’s necessary to tell a story (“F-bomb fallout,” Forum, March 6). You see, the common objection to “offensive language” is that it isn’t necessary — which, I am obliged to admit, is fricking true.

As a playwright, I don’t need the F-bomb when I have an array of F-cherry bombs; i.e., freak, frick, frak, flip. I can as easily write “You frigged up, my good man” as I can the obviously filthy alternative. Other phrases I might morally employ: 'Holy dung!,' 'Zeus condemn you,' 'You poohead liar,' or 'I dislike your intestines, you mother of Flipper.'

And, actually, as I write this, I realize the word “hate” isn’t necessary either. A writer never needs a character to say 'I h*** you for [blank].' Certainly any fictional character can be linguistically adjusted to say something like, “Ernie, I feel conflicted about you farming my wife.'" 
  - Matthew Ivan Bennett, Midvale

I hope you took note of sarcasm present in the letter... If not, it was perhaps subtle at moments, but I promise it was there.   If you took offense, I apologize, but... I just don't feel bad.  I think it's pretty farmin' funny.

Sidenote:  BYU Cougars, how I love you!!! PLEASE keep pushing and pull through... I'm rootin' for you tonight! My mom sent a note to the opposite team: "I hope you break your legs!"  She continued, "I'm gonna start saying the 'S' word..."  To which I replied, "Mom!" in a warning tone.  She said, "Linze, this is why I should never watch sports..."  LOVE IT.

Song of the Day: In honor of BYU and the infamous, Jimmer Fredette (see Sports Illustrated cover to your left) here is a little love comin; their way... Here's the recent "radio" classic, "Teach Me How to Jimmer."  I LOVE IT. Enjoy!
Sidenote:  If you DON'T know who Jimmer is, you don't know sports.  "Superman sleeps in a (WHAT!?) Jimmer jersey!"

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