Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Online Finds...

There are a few YouTube videos that I have recently been enjoying multiple times...  It's those videos that you know are worth sharing.  Thus, this entry is written!  First:

I love this little, independent girl. LOVE!  Girl, I feel the same way most of the time.  Haha!  I've gotta be one of those independent, sustained women before I tie myself down.  Then, I start to think marrying a rich doctor of sorts or a successful lawyer might be okay as well.... 


This is what PI sounds like... Yea.  I had NO idea it sounded like that either.

Third, has to go to the Japanese:

OH MY WORD. I died laughing... Japanese Binocular Football should be a regular sport in our school system here. OR, we could make all the bullies play when they get in trouble... teach them some humility. Is that cruel? Yes, but also funny.


My bestie, Sarah, took me to see the VocalPoint for my birthday this past month... Yes, I know my birthday was back in November, but I was otherwise occupied (aka: Remember Germany?), so this was the perfect way for a post-celebratory event.  Through the entire concert I was in LOVE with this guy's voice (the lead on this song), McKay Crockett.  McKay, I do not know you... not at all.  However, YOU have got talent.  I'm talkin' real, American-Idol and beyond, billboard toppin' talent... This isn't my favorite song he did, but it's a good one, and the best one I could find online representing his sound.  Plus, it's VocalPoint.  You gotta love em'!

And, Another:

I've seen this one NUMEROUS times, and I can not resist this little boy - He is the nest big country star! Hilarious... Oh, and the second video of him is only a few seconds long, but was adorable... I'm his biggest fan.


I know these two baby videos have made the rounds... but I love them. TOO CUTE!

Moving On;

I know this is a WHOLE music video, meaning a whole few minutes of your life, but it's worth watching. This is Brett Dennen's video for "Ain't No Reason."  The song is good, message great, and the video itself very powerful! Watch as the perceptions change of those in the video... it's inventive and thought-provoking. I love it.

Here's a classic one:

Here's one for my school to the North... BYU-I:

This is epic. I mean, it's pretty tight... Everything is recorded backwards, including the singing, and played in reverse... AND, they have SO many students involved... It's long, but it's worth it.

I've got more...:

I know that this video is a low-budget, unexciting one... but the song is just TOO awesome! LISTEN and HEAR the lyrics... SO GREAT. My favorite part: "Say everything you've always wanted. Be not afraid of you really are," and those are most definitely not the most poignant ones.  I love this Ian Axel guy, but the Chad Vaccerino with him is INCREDIBLE! I just discovered these two recently and they're starting to tour together... PLEASE com to Utah! PLEASE.


WACTH (and LISTEN to) these guys, Michael Henry & Justin Robinett, and their piano playing... also, the random cat jumping around in the background... Haha! They're fun to watch and SO talented! They have great harmonies, unique arrangements, and creatively, random videos. I'm a fan.


Okay, I know I already posted a video above with Chad Vaccarino in it, as well as Ian Axel actually, but I HAD to put one of his original songs up on here too. He is SO fabulous... I am bit enamored with his videos. If you like his sound, check out his other songs "Don't You Worry," "Who Knows," "Where It Ends," and "Hands Tied Up." He sincerely is INCREDIBLE in all his songs... Then, once you check him out in more depth, you can accept my preemptive "You're Welcome."

Sidenote: I promise I do more with my time than check-out YouTube and blog... I promise.

Song of the Day: Anything by Chad Vaccarino. Yep, that's how much I adore him.

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