Monday, March 28, 2011

The Neck Basket

After a rousing FHE session of human foosball and soccer - mind you my foosball skills were top notch, while my soccer fell quite below par... Eh - I came home to find my parents waiting to ask my about my evening. It's one of the perks and downfalls of living at home - depending on if I want to chat about things or just head up to bed. However, I am blessed with the most noninvasive family that a young woman could have. They LOVE to talk to me... or in my case, listen to me ramble on and on about important or insignificant things. However, if I say that I'm tried or just need to go have time to myself, they're very understanding and chill about it. I love my family.

Back to my story....

After FHE, I came home, went upstairs to my parent's room (on the way to my own room), and began to chat about my day, when a HILARIOUS infomercial comes on the television in the background. I couldn't help it... I stopped, watched, and laughed hysterically. Below is the commercial I witnessed:

[Pause at 0:16 for my favorite face... I also like 1:14, where she's clearly hitting on the guy while wearing the hideous, inane, nonsensical basket around her neck. I'm sure he's thinking, "What a winner!" Yep. I'm sure.]

Are they serious?! I mean, really... ARE THEY SERIOUS??? There's no way... no way. What I think is even better is that you KNOW someone, somewhere gave in and bought this for themselves... or an enemy friend  to destroy the competition increase their "game."

Not surprisingly, this commercial was just featured on the website Funny of DIE... Just sayin'. 

Sidenote:  If you think this is a strong reaction to an infomercial, you should hear my rant on "The Snuggie."

Song of the Day:  This is currently my favorite song -  no joke.  If you know me at all, you know I've got an open, but tough exterior regarding romantic antics... but this song turns me to goo.  Complete goo... because if you know me at all, you know deeply (or sometimes shallowly) that I'm a hopeless romantic.  This is one of the most alluring and simply tender - filled with a quiet passion - songs I have ever heard in my life... and I've hear a lot.  Here is Dave Barnes with "On a Night Like This."  Enjoy...


Kari said...

This is hilarious! My 7th graders at Channing Hall last year had better products and commercials- I have a hard time believing it's legit... who in their right mind would buy such a thing?! haha. Anyways, thanks for the laugh this morning!

C&C said...

WHAT?! Is that infomercial serious? And no, the neck basket cannot hold everything like they say it can. if that girl's lipstick turns the other direction it will slip right through the wires. and back into the toilet. ps I love Dave barnes' voice. and looks.

kimara said...

I'm happy to say it is a hoax...we knew it had to be :)