Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lookin' Young!

You know what I've noticed?  Of course you don't. So, I will tell you... Women who are my age on reality television programs somehow look older than me.  Not ALL of them.... but a lot of them.  I was watching The Bachelor finale last night (surprise, surprise) and the girl who won (Emily) is 24 years old, but totally looks older than that.  She doesn't look OLD by any means, but she definitely appears older than me.  Here are pictures below for comparison:

Emily - 24
Me - 25

So, there ya go... Proof.  Haha! I look younger each time one of these reality shows airs... Thanks ABC, NBC, and Fox.  Part of it is probably all the makeup and such, but it's still not less true. 

Song of the Day:  Okay, this song was a favorite of mine a few months ago, and I finally downloaded it instead of having to jam out to it on myspace every time I needed a dose... This band is really great in sound, lyrics, style - perfection.  Here is Windsor Drive with a very poignant song called "Fall."  Enjoy!!!

Sidnote: I RE-learned the rules for titles in grammar, something I always struggled with remembering, this past week.  It turns out that writing the song titles for me "Song for the Day" in italics was incorrect... Song titles should be written within quotations.  So, sorry to all you grammar fanatics out there... My bad.

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Steffi said...

Tehee, know exactly what you mean! :-)