Friday, March 4, 2011

Joshua Radin - LIVE!

Last Night I went to the Joshua Radin concert in SLC with my friend, Bekah!  It was awesome for numerous reasons, one being that I haven't really spent much time with Bekah since I've been back in the states- or really much at all!  Haha... She was in my ward before I left and is there now that I'm back.  Can I just say what an amazing person she is?  Really.  She has one of the most positive auras and character.  She is someone I enjoy chatting with and feel blessed to know her.  So, just a little shout-out to her for joining me in a good evening in SLC. Haha...

Another reason for the awesomeness of the evening was running into some friends while I was there.  First, I had planned to see Turell and finally meet his wife, Candace, while I was there and I got to do just that... It was SO nice to catch-up with Turell, and Candace is a doll!  They're a good match - I'm happy for them.

I also ran into my friend Ben while I was waiting in line to go inside!  Ben has been my jamming buddy since my last summer of EFY, but we have yet to jam since I have been back living in the states.  We used to play at clubs, bars, and cafes randomly and it was SO fun.  We make a good team, and now I'm hoping he can take some of my lyrics and help me finally put them to music.  I must say that I have really missed singing and talking with him - he's a very talented songwriter and musician, and a great friend.  I'll be making contact with him again this weekend and we MUST regenerate that musical relationship and friendship of ours!  Haha... I'm excited about that...
Third, the opening bands were really great!  There was a girl named Laura Jansen that I only saw a moment of as I was entering (but, I still went back and got her free & signed CD single), but she looked familiar.  You know why?  Here's why.  I featured a cover of "Use Somebody" on here over this past year!  I found the cover a few months back, downloaded it and LOVED IT!  It was on my favorites list for months.  So, I met her - and she told me I had very cute jewelry as we bonded over Holland (she's from there - me too... originally).  Also, Cary Brothers was the other opener and he was just BOMB.  I loved him and promptly downloaded some of his stuff today.  LOVE.(Click on his name for him and Laura singing

Lastly, um - DUH.....  I SAW JOSHUA RADIN LIVE!!!  Man, he was so great... I have to say how impressed I was with his voice and playing live... He's SO chill, but has this bluesy edge to his style.  I'm just a bit obsessed with some of his work.  He's phenomenal.  I could have stayed there for another two hours, just listening to him jam.  If you do NOT know who he is, you should.  Really - there is NO excuse now...  He's kick. To prove my point and spread the love of his music, there are two videos below.  One is the first song he ever wrote, and is a favorite of mine called, Winter.  The second is a duet with Laura Jansen about being with the right person at the wrong time.  It's called You've Got Growin' Up to DoWATCH.  LISTEN.  Fall in LOVE.

No need to thank me - You're welcome.

Song of the Day:  Ahem... Look Above.

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Emily said...

Ahh still jealous but so glad you had fun! xo