Monday, March 14, 2011

Split In Two

Yesterday, I went to church expecting the same old, same old... spiritual uplifting, an addition to my gospel knowledge, a chance to renew covenants, some good social time, and seeing all the girl's wear really cute outfits.  I got all of the above and then some...

After a really great Sunday School lesson about the parable of the sower (I love that one), I headed into sacrament meeting with some friends and we realized there were a LOT of older people there for a young single adult ward meeting.  In fact, the stand was filled with old man I had seen only once or twice, or never.  Turns out they were the stake presidents from our own stake and two surrounding stakes.  Immediately, one girl leaned over to ask, "So, do you think they're finally going to split our ward?"

Now, I have been gone for awhile and only been back in the ward for about six weeks, but I was totally catch off-guard.  I had NO idea there had been talk about spliting the ward in half, but it made sense because our ward was MASSIVE.  Thus, when they FINALLY (after the sacrament) announced they were, indeed, spliting-up the ward, I was content with the idea.  

The rest of the meeting was filled with the new ward's bishop (a member of the original ward's bishopric) speaking, the original ward's bishop speaking, and hearing who our new leaders were going to be.  It was also filled with tiny whispers every 3.2 seconds where someone was asking, "Which ward I am in?," "Wait, what are the boundaries... Are you sure?," or "Which guys/girls are in our ward?!"

My favorite moment was when our row came up with a plan to hang out that night and I replied, "I'll see you tonight... and then NEVER AGAIN!"  Sidenote:  Not true. 

Slowly, I began to realize that most of my actual good friends in this ward were now leaving and going to the new ward... Not cool!  I mean, I just got back!  Now, I have to find completely new friends again... I feel that I'm pretty good at making friends quickly, but it's not always fun.  It takes time, effort, and some initial awkwardness in some cases.  Thus, I was a bit bummed out... Then, something changed my mind. 

Perhaps it was my attitude (partially), or perhaps it was the feeling of everyone internally panicking over losing their best church-time-buddy, but whatever the reason, we all felt such peace with the decision.  We had lunch at the Bishop's afterward, everyone from both wards, and we began to instantly form new connections and force ourselves to be more outgoing.  It was really interesting... There is one girl, specifically, that we have hung out a few times in the same circle, but never really made our own connections.  When the announcement was made we both were left in the old ward and had the attitude, 'It's about time we were more than facebook friends.'  Haha!

The real reason I'm writing about this is because I'm amazed at the situation for two reasons.  One, it's amazing how much breaking up a group can bring them all together.  Haha!  It was a oddly paradoxical reaction to the new situation.  Two, I was in awe of how every hand went up to sustain the idea easily, even if some of us didn't really know what the change meant at the time we were asked to sustain the decision.  Some of us had no idea which ward we would be in, or what all the changes would entail (ie. Would we move buildings and times? Who would the new bishopric be? Etc.)  We all had faith enough to know that this was a decision that had been given thought and consideration, and that if the brethren felt it would be right, we could trust them.  It may seem like a small thing, and perhaps it is, but it's a bit amazing when you think about it - that much faith extended to the unknown.

In my life, I feel like that's kind of what I'm doing... I'm exuding a lot of faith in the unknown.  I am trusting my Heavenly Father that he has a better plan than I have for myself.  Things will end up how they need to... I know that.  I'm simply thankful that I have faith in that... That I know that.  

Sidenote:  No jobs news yet, but I've gotten a good amount of subbing gigs!  This week alone I'm subbing on Monday (today), Tuesday, half of Thursday, and Friday.  Not too shabby!  Haha... I also have a theater audition on Saturday and have been contacting people from Stadium of Fire to get more involved earlier on.  I just want experience and to figure out what area I REALLY wanna go into... :)
Song of the Day:  I found this TIGHT mix from the remix artist IGNYTE.  He created this mix of Daren Criss's version of "Teenage Dream" and One Republic's "Apologize" called "Too Late To Dream."  It's AMAZING!  I'm in love with it... really.  Enjoy!

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Anya May said...

Let's you and I be more than facebook friends one day... ;) We should really find some time to hang out... it would make moving to California together a little more comfortable since we'll know each other better!