Sunday, January 8, 2012



Today at church there was a bit of talk about people's New Year's resolutions.  Some had vague ones, others very specific ones... I, on the other hand, realized that I had forgotten the tradition all together.  Perhaps it was because I was slowly dying on New Year's Eve, or that I've been kinda "run-run-running" since Christmas Day and never really thought about it at all, but I think it was merely because I forgot.  I know it's not vital to come up with NY Resolutions, but I really like to do it each year... Thus, here's a go at a few basic things I'd like to be better at in the upcoming year.

1 - Go to the temple once a month.  I use to say once a week, or twice a month, but I need to make these realistic.  Some months I'll get there three or four times, but if I get there at least once a month then that's pretty good and I'll have reached my goal.

2 - Stick to a monthly budget.  I even downloaded a program on-line that allows me to keep track of my budget and as I make little changes here and there, it adjusts my total numbers in each area.  I'm not bad with money, but I could be better so that I can put more into my car savings account each month.

3 - Straight A's in Grad School... This goal started  back in September and I'm pleased to say that my first semester of Grad School I left with a 4.0!  Now, I just gotta keep it up!

4 - Do at least one thing on my bucket list each month...

5 - Take at least one big trip this year!  I'm planning a trip to Chicago in May/June (pending on when I can get a cheaper ticket!) to visit my friend, Chad, and see the city.  I'd LOVE to got stay with some friends in Budapest, but I think that will have to wait until NEXT summer... Plus, by then, who knows where I'll be living!

6 - Read my scriptures every single day.  Now, the underlying goal is to really study them every single day, but I know that some days I'll forget, I'll miss my alarm, or something will happen and I'll get home later then expected... So, I just wanna make sure I read a little bit at least each day. 

There you have it... I'll keep y'all updated!

Song of the Day: I was a HUGE fan of The Format back in their day!  I love all their old albums, and was semi-crushed when the band broke-up... NOT COOL.  However, here we are a few years later and we have Fun., with the lead singer of The Format as the lead singer!  So, this NEEDS to be shared!  Here is Fun. with their recent single "We Are Young."  LOVE IT!  Enjoy.

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Jordan said...

You inspired me to set resolutions! Thanks!