Sunday, January 15, 2012

Travel Bug

I have the travel bug.

I have the travel bug BIG TIME.

No, the travel bug is not some gross insect you get while traveling... That should be obvious, but you never know.  I just really have the desire to hope on a plane and see a few new countries.  I've been thinking a lot about teaching abroad for a few year after I graduate, but I still have a great deal of time before that will happen... so, we'll see.  It'll depend on what's going on in my life come that time.  However, I loved living in a new and different place... I DID hate being far from family though.  That's one thing that makes Utah so appealing to me.  My family is right here and I love that.  I wish Derek, Cami, and Zoey were closer, as well as other siblings, but what can you do?  Once I get marrieds, I do hope our two little families live nearby each other so we can hang out.  Eh - we'll see!

Right now, if I had the money I would hop a flight to Budapest to visit some friends, swing over to Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and then travel all the way up to Poland to finally see Auschwitz - might be weird, but it's a life-long dream.  I wouldn't mind seeing Finland and Sweden... and I'd LOVE to go over to Australia or New Zealand.... I just am SO game to travel right now.  If only I had the money and time to do so... someday! :)

I do have to goal to do a big trip this year, but it'll probably be state-side.  The plan is Chicago and MAYBE Flordia (never been to there) to see Disneyworld and Harry Potter Land (AMAZING!), but again - we'll see.  I hate that... waiting around to see what will actually happen and can  actually happen.

I have the travel bug.

Anyone else with me?

Song of the Day:  Okay, so I heard this on the radio a few times last week and just loved it.  I'm not angry or vindictive towards anyone or anything... I just like the song.  Haha!  HOWEVER, the video makes homegirl look like a bit of a creeper/stalker.  I mean, I'd be upset if my boy was cheatin' (he's be OUT), but I'm thinking this video went for funny with a girl who lacks the ability to act or connect.  It's flat out one of the WORST acting jobs in a music video EVER, but the song is cool and I like her voice... Here's Cady Groves with "The Little Girl." Enjoy!

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Missy 'n Drew said...

Im right there with you Linz! I even can fly for free this year, but even to go some place you still have to have the time and money to get around and hotels. If only money grew on trees! .. (sigh)