Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's In a Word?

It's time for another edition of quote magic from Linze and her many friends... Strap yourself in and get ready for some good reading!

First, a smart moment for bragging purposes only... However, it was not MY smart moment.  Eliza and I were talking about the Europeans coming to America and E asked, "European as in Europe?"  I thought that was highly sophisticated connection for a 3-year-old to make.  She's seriously one smart cookie. 

Eliza and I were making salt-dough ornaments for Christmas and we made little hearts to paint.  She broke ours, to which she said, "That's my broken heart.  I broke your heart on accident too,"  than casually started singing, "Ooooops!"

"I have to buy resses... They help him at work." - Karin, pointing to Spencer.

"I hate good-looking boys that I can't do bad things with..." - Katie (This was hilarious and pretty much made my day week...)

"Oh!  That really gave me a fright!" - Eliza about my jumping up really fast.  She also said later, "Oh, that gave me a freak out!!"  Haha...

"She's so worried about looking stupid, she's not worrying about BEING stupid!" - Kevin... Classic.

"Culture becomes curriculum!" - Linze
"WAHOO!!!" - Brinna... in the middle of class.  You had to be there, but it really was quite hilarious.

"Think if we vote for Him [Jesus] in the upcoming election that he'll come faster?" - Linze (I was only half kidding...)

"So there's a King James version and a Justin Beiber version?"  - Cami, speaking of the Bible after hearing JB's version of "Little Drummer Boy."

"Well, he's against women.  He's a real...?" - Don't recall who said this part...
"A douche?" - Linze
"A sexist." - Person I don't recall.
"Same thing." - Linze

"My mom said no booping (aka: farting) at the dinner table... sometimes my bum forgets." - Eliza

Sidenote:  I just need to let everyone know that when you are singing hymns in a cockney accent with your brother in church, the chorister (who may or may not be your mother) will probably hear you and start trying really hard not to laugh.  Derek and I sincerely thought we weren't singing that loud.

"Why doesn't air exist?  Because it's nothing!" - Finni, followed by abnormal amounts of laughter... :)

"I love the Chinese, but not those Indians." - Eliza... She was talking about Pocahontas and Mulan, but it all came out terribly wrong and was hilarious. 

"I usually start AND end with the shorts on..." - Spencer

The preface to this tale is that my best friend's husband was walking along the pier in Cali with his family the day before their wedding and a bird pooped all over this random lady's hair.  Ken's grandma walked up to the lady and very sincerely asked, "Aren't you grateful cows can't fly?"  HAHAHAHA!

"I spy something... Fusia!" - Eliza
"Fusia?  Wow... um, that's a great color choice.  Where did you learn about that color?" - Linze, thinking that's rather intelligent for a 3 year old to differentiate from pink.
"Linze.  It's just a different form of pink." - Eliza, while rolling her eyes.  Thanks, E.

"Remember the time your phone went into the sh*%er?" - Spencer

We were playing Rock Band and Ryan started singing a particularly disturbing song by Korn.  Spencer then stated without any trace of sarcasm, "I'll have to rededicate my house when we're done..."  Haha!

"Watch my new bum party dance!" - Eliza, literally backin' it up!  She did so while singing, "every day I'm shuffulin'!"  Haha...

"I thought the words were 'we found love in a homeless place.'" - Lauren 

"Sprechen sie Deutsch?!" - Spencer trying to sound German, but sounding like YODA - no joke.
"Deutsch sie sprechen?" - Linze, sounding normal...
Now imagine Spencer saying "Deutsch sie sprechen?!" in the YODA voice... :)

"They're circlin' around... They're peacockin'." - Shawn in one of my classes, demonstrating what boys do when they get in a fight in HS.  It was SO funny!

"I'm thinkin', 'OMG!'" - Tim Carr... one of my teachers.  CLASSIC.

"Thanks, Spice Girl." - Phil.

"What was I suppose to say?! ... Nice bra." - Spencer... to me.  LONG story... which I will just say it was quite hilarious! 


Song of the Day: This is an older song, but a favorite of mine!  I love Chris Brown's music and adore Keri Hilson - Here's their duet called "Superhuman."  if you've never heard of it, you should fall in love with it right... NOW. Enjoy!

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