Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Tuesday Ten" - Keeps the Bored Busy!

This week there are probably going to be too many videos for some of you... Others will love that.  I simply know that some of my readers are NOT YouTube watching fans... bizarre, right?  Haha!  All the same, each video comes HIGHLY recommended.

1 - Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge & Alexa Narvaez). I am overwhelmed with cuteness after watching this!  This dad is awesome - He doesn't try to correct her movements, notes, performance, etc. in any of their videos.... SUCH a cool bond!  I wanna end up with a man who makes time for his kids like this and realizes how much it means to a child.  Favorite part is halfway through: "One day I'm gonna whistle?" Oh my word... too adorable.

2 -Every Newsie Shufflin'!  Do you love The Newsies?  Do you love "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO?  If you said yes to both (or one) of those questions, you will like love this...

3 - Messy Monday: Ten Ways To Get a Girl to Like You.  I KNOW that this guy kinda appears to be yelling at you, and is a bit young, but I kinda love this video.  He gives legit advice for the most part, and I love his candy bar analogy at #3.... and think #5 is really funny.  Just watch... Some will hate it.  Some will love it.

4 - Katy Perry's Epic Flute Fail.  I died because this is THAT funny... Okay, it is to me.

5 -Misha B - Rolling in the Deep Cover from X Factor UK 2011... I saw this a few weeks back and love EVERY part of it!  I love the remix, the outfit, the giant Great Britain flag chair, the dancers, the lighting... I love it ALL!  Is she not AMAZING?!  I'm so sad she didn't win.  You have to click on the title to watch it because it doesn't have an embedding code, but the two minutes are SO worth it! 

6 - German Man Confused by "Party Pooper!"  I thought this was hilarious... Pretty classic.  My favorite: "Jennifer poops at parties, and peoples knows this?  I poop at parties, but peoples don't know because I close the door."

7- Angry Birds in Real Life... Do you like pigeons?  What about Angry Birds?  If you said no to Angry Birds, you're crazy - even I love that game.  The 17 second video below makes me smile every time - love it...

8 - Footloose 2011: Official Dance Tutorial - Fake ID Line Dance!  I love online dance tutorials - how awesome is it that I can learn to dance from some awesome guys online?!  Love that... I also love this dance! You should learn it too... now we HAVE to go line dancing so that we can use it, right?!

9 - "Coming Soon" Movie Releases... There are quite a few films in February that I am dying to see.  Some of these are the following:  The Vow, The Woman in Black, This Means War, The Lorax, John Carter, Mirror Mirror (I think I'm excited..), and... Hunger Games! Haha... I'm also excited about Act of Valor and Safe House, but they'll have to wait for a bit until I can get a differently rated version.

10 - The Hunger Games Trailer!!! So, sue me.  I'm obsessed with the books and am already getting stoked for a movie that comes out two months from yesterday.  Haha!  If you have not yet read The Hunger Games series, they are WELL worth your attention.  Get on that... and though a very good friend of mine has reseved me a ticket for the day before the film is released, I will gladly go and see it with you again.  Haha!  No, but really...


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