Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Tuesday Ten"... Or Eleven!

The year of 2011 was a completely fabulous one for me.  I don't think that I realized how fabulous it really was until I took the time yesterday and today to look back and ponder on the experiences I had, life changes I took, and friends that I made.  I am one blessed woman, and I need to show my thanks a great deal more!  Haha... No, but really - I am a lucky girl.

Just to give y'all a taste of my life this past year, here are the top ten eleven highlights of this past year for today's "Tuesday Ten... Eleven."  Here goes:

1 - My trip to Seattle!  The first thing that I did when I came back from Germany was fly up to Seattle to visit my brother (Derek) and sister-in-law.  Derek has been one of my best friends for 26 years and counting, and Cami has joined the ranks fairly quickly.  I know that once I got back I would want to see them right away, and even better, I was going to get to see a brand new city and state!  They took me all around Seattle and just spent time visiting with me - I could not ask for better siblings/through-marriage-siblings...?  Haha!  They are amazing and we always spend the majority of our time laughing and having a good time.  Love it!

2 - Working the Sundance Film Festival!  Not only was this a down-right awesome experience for the resume, but I also got to see a ton of inspiring, inventive, and even bizarre films that I might not have seen otherwise.  Plus, I got to work the event and stay with one of my best friends, Chad, and make a new friend at the same time, Emily.  I also ran into my friend, Jessica, from Paris while I was there!  Small world... Even though I was a bit sick through part of it, I had a great time, learned a lot about the indie film industry, and formed some stronger friendships.  I hope to do it again later this month, but I'm thinking time with work and Grad School are not going to allow it.  We'll see!

3 - Finally attending Festival of Colors!  I know this seems a minimal and weird highlight, but I've always wanted to go and so finally going was a highlight from this past year.  It also was a kick-off to tackling a few things on my bucket list and that has been a whole other set of adventures...

4 - Becoming a Nanny for Eliza!  I become a nanny for a second time in May and it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Not only has the job aspect fit perfectly into my life and school schedule, but I also found a fantastic family to be a part of each week.  I work the perfect amount of time and spend my days with the best little girl ever!  She is well-behaved, kind, intelligent, hilariously adorable, and has amazing parents that I really gel with in all aspects.  I can talk to the family about anything job-wise or in my personal life and I truly feel as though I have made friends in this family.  I am SO blessed and grateful that I will continue to have this job through at least this next year.  Love it!

5 - Stadium of Fire 2011!  This year I was again given the opportunity to be a part of Stadium of Fire as an Assisstant Stage Manager, and took on some extra responsibility as the Special Talent Coordinator.  It was a good chance to do some additional networking, learn more about SoF and the event process, and allowed me to meet some new people/form stronger bonds with some old acquaintances.  Plus, Brad Paisley and David Archuleta were the entrainment, which was awesome!  I'm not a huge Paisley fan, but we all know my love for little Archuleta...(Sidenote:  He announced he's going on a mission!  AH!  So stoked.) 

6 - Summer 2011.  I realize how broad that is, but this past summer was simply one of the best I have ever had!  In March, I become part of a new YSA ward and just grew to quickly love so many different individuals.  Over the summer I spent time with many of them going to drive-ins, rodeos, Bees and Real games, swimming pools, pudding slip-n-slids, concerts, favorite restaurants, movies, Brighton sleepovers, etc.  I had a LOT of fun!  There are a few pictures below to help re-capture the memories... I don't think I've ever had a better summer.  For real.

7 - Harry Potter 7: Part II -- A piece of childhood ended!  Speaking of summer, this July brought the conclusion to an epic fantasy for many young adults my age that grew up reading the Harry Potter series.  We were thrilled to follow Ron. Hermione, and Harry on one last adventure to defeat Lord Voldemort, destroy the horcruxes, and see kids turn into adults.  Haha!  That was dramatic in description, but truth be told, I'm dramatic - surprise.  Haha!  I love Harry Potter and everything the series teaches readers and viewers - the "ending to the era," though hard to face, was a complete highlight for my summer.

8 - CONCERTS!!!  Another highlight of my summer (and fall) was the amount of amazing and/or just downright fun concerts I was able to attend.  I saw Parachute (aka: Sparky's Flaw) live for the first time in years, Vocal Point (Okay, that was in March, but still...), Andrew Allen, He Is We, Jon Schmidt (again), Brad Paisley, David Archuleta (again - haha!), Explosion in the Sky, Lupe Fiasco, Sara Bareilles (FINALLY!), Sugarland, Cameron Rafati, Jason Derulo, and HANSON (Be Still My Heart - ABOUT TIME!).  Hanson alone might have been the highlight to my year - amazing.  It was a good year in music for me...

9 - Starting Grad School at Westminster!  I made the random choice to start applying to Grad Schools with a focus in Education after subbing for the first few months back and finding no luck in the job world.  I think if I was suppose to be just working right now one of the MANY jobs I applied for would have panned out nicely, but instead I was constantly forced back into the classroom so I could get a pay-check and make ends meet.  I then realized how much I loved teaching and kids and could still follow other dreams and passions at the same time as teaching.  However, a teaching degree would allow me a more solidified path.  I checked out numerous schools, but I randomly emailed Westminster on a whim suggestion from my mother and it CLICKED.  I sent an email for more info and an hour later received a phone call asking to set up a time for me to come look at campus.

I was skeptical - REALLY skeptical - but it was just RIGHT from the first meeting and on.  I started the application process in the office that day, finished within the week, and was accepted the following week.  It all fell into place and I knew it was were I needed to be and, for now, was what I needed to be doing in my life.  I have GREAT teachers, the BEST co-hort ever, and really love studying education.  I'm excited to be a teacher and I already see where change is needed... and am debating getting a PhD so I can go into Educational Policy and Reform.  Me.  A PhD.  Maybe not, but before... I would never even have considered the notion.  

10 - The birth of little Zoey Capri! On October 31st, my beautiful niece came into this world.  I was ecstatic.  Then, on December 20th I finally got to meet her and hold her in my arms for the first time... She is AMAZING.  She is my favorite little girl in the entire universe and I can not wait until she's old enough to call her "crazy aunt Linze" for school or boy advice...  I can not wait to see her again and I only wished she were closer by me (her and her parents, actually!).  I love her so much and her birth was a huge highlight in my year and my life.

11 - Weddings!  I had a few of my really good friends get married (and one getting married this Friday that we've been planning for this past year) this past year and it was SO neat to either be at their weddings, bridal events, or just visit with them about the whole thing.  I am SO happy for all of them - Brandon, Jeannette, Sarah, Sam, and Kay.  I'm glad I could in some way or another be a part of your lives and this special event for you!  (More pictures of some of these are to come!!!)

Year of 2011, you were great to me!  Now, I can hardly wait to see what 2012 has in store for me... Only time will tell! :)

Sidenote:  I had terrible stomach flu on New Year's Eve and was OUT!  I didn't hear fireworks, yelling, or banging on pots and pans... nada.  It was a pretty nasty two days of vacay.  So, I also failed to recall what the first song of the year I heard was - a usual tradition...  oh well!  Next year?  Haha...

Song of the Day:  I'm gonna go with a little blast from the past... well, two years ago in the past.  Haha!  Here is a constant favorite, always-feels-good-to-hear-you song from Iyaz - "Replay."  Enjoy and reply it... get it?!  Haha... okay, just enjoy.

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So, I thought you were coming to southern California sometime soon. Is this still happening? Did I miss it?