Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Linze & Kate - Our Web-Show: "Perfect"

I have wanted to blog SO much lately, and I haven't had time... Aak! (In the words of Liz Lemon/Cathy)

So, to hold you (or, actually myself) over, here is the most recent WebShow song from Kate and me!  We chose to sing Pink's song "Perfect!"

We're starting to get the hang of it - the color and quality are much better than last week, but sound was stronger last week.  I got a new video editor and just have to learn how things work on there.  It's great actually, because I was still using Windows Movie Maker... Thanks, EFY.  Haha!  Next show, it'll be even better I'm sure...

Song of the Day is the link ABOVE!


Nicole said...

Linze! I love your web show. You two are amazing!!! Can I request an 80's song??? I don't know which one... but I love the 80's. And I also love you. in case there was any question in the matter. :)

Come Jam with me!!!!!

Cami @ You Seriously Made That said...

I request Bad Romance...but I'm biased :)