Sunday, June 26, 2011

You're a Good Sport!

I love sports.  I love to watch sports, and I love to play sports.  I love football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer... My favorite sport is football, but they all make me happy.  This summer I had all intention of going to different kinds of sporting events and playing a lot of sports... I am completely fulfilling that "summer goal."

I have played kickball with friends (and filled in one day for a friend on her Draper City League kickball team), played softball with Eliza (not the most effective, but ridiculously adorable), kicked around a soccer ball a few times, threw around a frisbee a few times, and yet, no football... yet.  It'll come.  I need to find friends who want to play more than ultimate frisbee.  Sorry y'all... doesn't do it for me.  I need a full-fledged sport...

Along with playing sports from time to time, I have been lucky enough to fulfill two things on my "summer bucket list": aka - my list to do before summer dies, and not before I have die.  Haha!  I have gone to a Real Salt Lake game and a Salt Lake Bee's game!  I've been to Real games before, but I had never been to a Bee's game... or a minor league baseball game, for that matter.  Growing up, I would go to Padres and Phillies games all the time with my family, and developed a love for pro-baseball games, while I enjoy them more when I'm present in the stadium, rather than watching them on television.

It was a blast! I went with a group of my favorite girls and made friends with some little kids in front of us as we taught them how to cheer... In fact, when we left a bit early another little kid asked his dad, "Why are those loud girls leaving?!"  Haha... I had no idea that a Bee's game could be so much fun, and thanks to Tate's awesome tickets he gave us, we not only got to go to the game for free, but we had AMAZING seats right next to the visiting team's dugout.  This left us money to buy soft pretzels and churros... and time to sing the "Baggy Pants Song."  Life is good.  Haha!  (Hailey -  we still need to record!)
The Real Game was also a LOT of fun!  I was never into soccer growing up, and though I'd still rather watch football or basketball, I really have grown to enjoy soccer.  Living in Europe twice, over the past two World Cups (2006 & 2010), helped a lot, I think.  Real is a fantastic team,  but I can see they aren't playing as well as they have the last few years... Hopefully they pick it back up.  They're still great, just... not AS great.  They'll get back there...

So, what's next on the list?  Well, I haven't played a real game of flag, touch, tackle football since before I was in Germany, so... I say bring that on.  Who's in for a rousing game of football??? That or season tickets to BYU football games...:)

Sidenote:  The NBA Draft = Jimmer going to Milwaukee Sacramento...  I have no set pro-basketball team I root for each year.  I switch around each year... This next year, I could potentially be a Kings fan... maybe?

Song of the Day:  I heard this song today on Drop Dead Diva (amazingly, awesome show, by the way) and downloaded it right away!  Here is Britt Nicole with "Safe."  Enjoy!

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