Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zumba in the Name of Love!

Has anyone heard that song "Step in the Name of Love?"  Yea... this is the same idea, but with Zumba... obviously.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me.  First, I bore it all and went skinny-dipping for the first time.  Yes, I just admitted that on the internet... don't pretend like most of you haven't done it before.  I know you have... Haha!  It was very liberating... and I was freakin' out slightly the entire time.  Haha!

Second, I joined a gym!  Yep, I am a proud member of 24Hour Fitness, thanks to my friend Candace taking me to a Zumba class last weekend.  I have wanted to join a gym for their classes (Zumba, WeightPump, Pilates, etc.) and their weights, but I have hesitated because it's so expensive in most cases.  However, this was a $10 start-up fee and only $30 a month - not too shabby.  Plus, quite frankly, I'm a cheapskate and if I pay for something I want my money's worth.  Meaning, I'll definitely be going to the gym a lot each month.  This is going to be a painful, great summer... Haha!

Today, I went to another Zumba class at the gym and noticed a few things.  One, don't lift weights before you do a Zumba class.  I was early and tried to kill some time, so I did a bunch of leg lifts, calve workouts, and thighmaster-type stuff.  Haha!  Yea... My legs were jelly all through Zumba and I was felt myself pushing extra hard... not fun.

Second, sometimes Zumba makes you feel sexy... and sometimes it makes you feel very UN-sexy!  I thought to myself, "I'm a pretty good dancer."  I've always been able to move and had a good sense of rhythm. Friends have complemented my dance skills.  Today, partially because I have was so tired in my legs and partially because I'm just bad at it, I have never felt less sexy.  Haha!  Not that I would call my self a "sexy" woman a lot of the time anyway, but... this was just sad.  Hilarious?  Yes... but sad, too.  Haha!  Half the moves I was spot on with, and half of them I looked downright awkward doing.  I can't imagine doing Zumba if I were rhythmically challenged. 

Third, I'm going to conquer Zumba and do it until I am sexy doing it... I'm determined.  I mean, I'm not terrible... I did Latin dance in college and Hip-Hop dance in high school, but doing it straight for an hour and STILL looking hot?!  Yea... I'm going to demolish this...

Now, take a look below for your viewing pleasure (No, it's not me doing Zumba... That would only bring us both to an awkward stand-still...).  Here is Linze & Kate... A WebShow #3 (Singing starts at 3:51):

If I really were to die young, I'd wanna be cremated and sprinkled in different places of meaning to my family members and close friends... kinda like in Elizabethtown.  Also, I don't wanna be buried in satin... Maybe a onesie?  No, my yellow dress with the lilac flowers embroidered on the outside... Okay, this is "If I Die Young" analysis overkill... and weird.

Moving on... Here is one last treat for all the men reading my blog.  If you are one of the single guys reading my blog then this video is specifically for YOU:

It didn't work out for her the first time around... maybe now on of you lucky gentlemen are ready?  The challenge is on - in many ways. Good luck, boys.... Good luck.

Song of the Day:  "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry Linze & Kate.... See the link above. Enjoy!


Kate said...

1) I LOVE "Step in the name of Love!" Amber used to play for me every birthday...have you heard the birthday version? And 2) Can we PLEASE sing "I wanna get married" on our next show?" BHAHAHA!!!

Mindy said...

I have never gone skinny dipping. The phrase, "Nakedness never was happiness" always repeats through my head when I hear those words. Bahaha.