Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Words NOT to Live By...

Current Favorite Quote: 
"Among the many lessons that I've learned from this whole experience is to try to speak a little bit less." 
- ROD R. BLAGOJEVICH, former governor of Illinois, after being convicted of 17 counts in a corruption case.

Yea.... I feel the same way, but for doing much less stupid things.  Someday I will perhaps dip my toes into the political arena (a goal of mine) on some level, and attempt to be a non-corrupt politician.  I know - sounds a bit of a paradox... but it's possible.  I have faith.  Haha!

Other favorite quotes from the recent weeks:

After practicing kickball catches for awhile, "I'm gonna go practicing eating..." - Nicole S.

Sidenote:  So, when we were playing kickball for FHE the other week, someone got REALLY into the game and accidentally hit one of the girls in the face with the kickball when throwing to try and get her out.  With no offense toward her, the incident was HILARIOUS.  The thrower was SO embarrassed and felt terrible, but she was fine... and we were all dying laughing on the ground.

"I've been really bad at swearing lately.  I've been depressed lately." - Nicole S.
(It sounds really sad, but it really was just funny... had to be there?  Maybe.)

"He made his bed!" - Spencer
"He better not sleep with her in it!" - Linze

"Just touch him!" - Bro. Minnick to me.... they wanted me to run my fingers through this boy's chest hair.  Haha - Awkward! 

"I have like four..." - Mark about his chest hair, while doing a very funny hand-motion protruding form his chest...

"They know I'm dirty..." - Lauren (I can't wait to go clubbing - that's all I'm gonna say.)

Eliza's fake phone was "ringing" with the press of a button and I asked if she was gonna answer it.  Her reply?  "It's just a voicemale... I get a lot of those."

"We're the easiest!" - Michelle and Karin

"I get cheered for wherever I go." - Spencer (Thanks for shutting the blinds, Spence...)

"That's what I do naturally... sink." - Linze

"I pictured her more with umbrellas and doing weird things with balloons..." - Spencer

"I don't like mine well-done." - Linze (In relation to her steak at TX Roadhouse)
"Maybe he likes YOU well-done." - Spencer

"You shake it and squeeze it, and shake it and squeeze it, and..." - Spencer
"If I had a dime for every time I hard that..." - Linze

"Let me see your baggy-pants! Who gonna want yo baggy-pants!?" - Hailey... Singing at the Bee's game... Best moment of the night. :)

"Where should I touch?!" - Spencer  (I'm not posting the story on here, but it was hilarious... If you wanna know, ask and ye shall receive...)
"Wait... where do I touch?" - Linze, directed to Spencer in all seriousness
"Thank you... THANK YOU!" - Spencer

"We don't do it as a family!" - Karin  (Hahahahaha!)

"Bye! Take Care!" - Eliza
"Take Care!" - Linze
"NO!  YOU take care of her!" - Eliza, regarding her baby doll - haha!

We were listing off good "E" names for a a boy and Erin L. says, "Egbert." 
"You're never naming my children." - Linze

"I could learn a lot!" - Erin after our long talk about relationships... Yes, Erin.  Yes, you could.

Sidenote:  I just have to say that I heard the LOUDEST, ODDEST sneeze on the train coming back from the He Is We concert... Erika laughed for about 25 minutes after that, which meant we ALL laughed for about 25 minutes after that. Classic...

"On OPENING NIGHT!" - Tottie  (I loved you and Lindsey even more after this WHOLE conversation - hahaha!)

"What would it be called...?" - Tottie
"Sneak Peek!" - Linze, Lindsey, Tottie (IN UNISON)

"What were you thinking...?" -Linze
"I'll text you." - Tottie
"Don't put it in writing!" - Linze

"I need to throw-up." - Lindsey W.

A favorite of mine came from the man sitting in front of me and my girls at the Bee's game the other night.  One of the workers came down to tell the man his kids needed to sit while they were batting, but then could stand, but had to sit back down when the batting started again.  To this, the man replied, "It's like we have our very own Catholic church!"  Hahahahaha!  It was pretty classic.

I also enjoyed the following billboard:

I had been wondering about that... I'm glad this billboard cleared that up for everyone - or just me.

It's been a great summer so far... and it keeps getting better.

Song of the Day: There was a free download off this site the other day from a group called Frame & Canvas.  I love this song they do called, "Sure."  Enjoy!

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