Monday, June 20, 2011

Current Joys!

I need to post a few videos below so that I can constantly come back to them... Thus, here are some current joys for me!

The first one is a song ("Breathe" from In The Heights) I have become a HUGE fan of BECAUSE of this girl... I heard it FIRST from her, but I've heard other amazing singers take a shot at it too... She's still my favorite on it for now. 

The second is a cover of Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" that I love... His voice is simple and sweet and he does a good job making it original, but not changing too much.  I loved it...

I like this next one because it's hilarious... I laugh ever time I see it. These parents have THE whitest "swag" I have ever seen... Love it. My favorite part - when the dad knocks the girl's tea party pieces all over the ground - haha! You can also watch the other videos from the "family" and they're CLASSIC.

I'm putting this commercial on here (only 32 seconds) because it's called "Sizzlin' Entrees," but every time I see it on TV all I can think is, "He's MY sizzlin' entree!" Haha... He says, "I love when that happens," in reference to people checking out the food he's carrying... Honey. They're checking out more than that food!

Last one is the song of the day! It's BEAUTIFUL, but hauntingly sad. I heard the band off a free download on ITunes & then a friend posted this video on her facebook recently... I'm in love. Here's The Civil Wars with "Poison & Wine." Enjoy!


Sidenote:  Judge me all you want, but I had to add one more... :) 

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