Sunday, June 12, 2011

Past and Present Quips

This day last year I was in London, England, watching the first World Cup game in a little pub off of Bayswater... Today, I sit here in Draper, Utah (which I am grateful for and love) with an earache.  Even without the earache, I think I'd be inclined to choose London and football... :)

Below, there are some past and rather present little moments of subconscious word-play for your reading enjoyment:

"Get your yam on!" - Lindsey W. 

"I want to name my little boy Liam." - Lindsey Syb.
"Lamb?!"- Linze

"Everyone else here made my blog... Luz, I'm waiting on you." - Linze

So, a group of us were talking about when we were little, and how we use to play Power Rangers on the playground.  The girls there said they all use to fight over being Amy Jo Johnson.  Kate then asks, "Who is she?"  We all responded by gasping with shock and loudly stating, "The Pink Power Ranger!"

"There's some cop-porn... POPCORN!" - Spencer... It was an honest to goondess mistake that was HILARIOUS!

"You just swore." - Hailey
"Porn is not a swear word." - Bekah

Speaking of swearing, Candace...

"Hell & Damn.  I love those two!" - Candace (HAHAHAHAHA!)

"Is this a pretzel?!  It's round...?" - Luz, while we were eating pretzel M&Ms

So, some of the ladies were trying to teach me some Spanish words and I accidentally swore in Spanish... Oops! "Punto verses puto... Eek!  This is the best Spanish class ever!"

"I love canoodling." - Lindsey Syb.

"Sporking?  That WOULD be better!" - Linze

"Woman, I have fire." - Lindsey Syb. (Regarding her bonefire pit...)

"... Cerebral Intellect." - Uncle Danny
"That's what I have!!!" - My Mom

"Sponsor me!" - Linze (Does anyone from that convo remember WHY this was funny!? :P)

"Linze, inappropriate." - Luz
"Really, Luz?  Because I wanted to discuss your love-life on my blog." - Linze

"I need an appointment with the Bishop... I'll just text Spencer and tell him to get me an appointment with the B Word." - Lindsey Syb.

"It's a womance." - Linze to Michelle (Hahaha!  There are SO many Bromances, why not a womance?!  Haha...)

"I thought you said, 'Are you a member?'" - A random girl in church said this to me after I asked her if her name was Amber and she misheard me... Haha!  It was really quite entertaining.  I mean, who asks that to a girl who JUST walked in and sat down?  Haha!  Apparently, she thought I would...

"My last moving violation was during the Nixon Administration..." - Uncle Danny

Me and Eliza were sitting outside on the swings, playing "Both Our Taste-buds Like..," when I made a joke and said that both our taste-buds liked broken glass, to which she replied, "Oh, Linze. You crack me up!" shaking her head and patting my knee in a very adult way... She's three.

"Now, smell the flower and say (in a British accent), 'How Lovely!'" - Eliza (She likes to tell me what to do or say... a lot. :P)

""We all just applauded for The Bachelorette." - Linze
"I did NOT applaud." - Amber
"Me neither." - Hailey
"I think I did cause Linze did..." - Bekah
Twenty minutes later... Bekah applauds again.
"That time you applauded on your own." - Linze
"Yea, well.... I did." - Bekah

"We are all going to look bomb when were resurrected." - Linze, after discussing all our scars and how they'll be gone from our resurrected bodies.

"I use to do a lot crazier things in a car." - Nicole L.

"When are you going to become a member of the Bang Club!?" - Linze, meaning when are you cutting your hair and getting bangs.

"Someone said cervix! Someone really did!" - Bryce - The ladies were talking about having children, as one of the girls at the party had just had a baby a short while ago, and he overheard her says something about the cervix and freaked out - no joke.  Haha!

"I love inflation.  Also, can we please have less jobs so that I can keep struggling to find one?" - Linze, rather sarcastically stated... and sidenote, I have a job now. :)

"I just wanna get to second base... at least first, but second would be nice." - Ian (talking about kickball)
"What?!" - Linze, walking into the chapel and hearing this out of context.
"Kickball!" - Amber, Kortni, and Karin together
Hey, what would you have thought!

"This relationship is toxic, obviously, and not the Britney Spears toxic... The bad kind of toxic." - Harvard Sailing Team, which comes from the video below:

Just to finish off, here is a quote that's not really humorous, but I thoroughly enjoy:
"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it's trouble, it empties today of it's strength." - Plato 
Thanks, Plato.  I needed that.

Song of the Day:  "Steal Your Heart" by Augustana.  They were in SLC recently, and I wish I had know how great they are... I just bought their entire new CD this past weekend... Love them. Enjoy!

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