Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Markets - German Style!

So, while my parents were here we became somewhat fanatical about going to German Christmas Markets... They have become one of my favorite things in the entire world. They are full of lights, rides for the kids, good (fatty) foods and treats, and stand upon stand of toys and knick-knacks to give as Christmas gifts. You can buys wooden nativities, specialized candles and license plates, Christmas tree ornaments, snow-globes, metal-worked animals, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. The smell of waffles, crepes, brawts, reibekuchen (potato pancakes), caramel apples, chocolate covered fruits, donner fries, cotton candy, hot cocoa, and mulled wine waft through the lanes as you stroll past each booth. Plus, it's just got a spirit about it... People are so happy to be there and full of the Christmas heart of everything. I'm in love with German Christmas'.

Above: I took Finni on a ride on the Ferris Wheel at Bonn's Christmas Market and he LOVED it! He was giggling and smiling the entire time... It was very, very cute! Below: Nico and Finn love looking at the window displays of all the Christmas animals - It's kinda nice cause it's not about selling the products as much about the Christmas display in Bonn.

Here are some pictures of Cologne, Bad Musterheifel, and Aachen's Christmas Markets...

Above: My FAVORITE food in Germany and especially at the Christmas Markets! :)

Above: That is mistletoe -real mistletoe. Just practicing... Haha!!! Below: There was also a medieval Christmas Market in a little place called Stazvey that we went to! It's surrounding and inside of the Burg (castle) there, and we really beautiful... It was a bit touristy, but we enjoyed it - especially my sister!


"Ausgang"= Exit... and therefore, I am making mine.
German Christmas Markets, I heart YOU.


Song of the Day: So, this show called Glee (don't know if you've heard of it...) put together some song "mash-ups" that I adore. A few weeks ago, they had Gwyneth Paltrow on as a guest star and she sang a "mash-up" song with Matthew Morrison and the cast that I listen to regularly on my IPod now... Here is the Glee Cast (and Gwyneth) with Singing in the Rain/Umbrella. Enjoy!!!

P.S. Did you know JAMIE CULLUM did a "mash-up" of the same two songs back in 2009?! Did they steal the idea? I think so... Both are great, just very different - so here is his version!


MKS said...

ah!! i am so glad you got to so many of them. i love reibekuchen and am going to make some on monday for st. nicholas day. long live the german christmas traditions!!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

I LOVE these pictures! Matt and I want to go to Germany in December just for the Christkindelmarkts. (Is that how they're spelled?) He said they're amazing, and it sounds like you think so, too! Lucky girl.