Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Day of Thankfulness for Josh!

This next individual is someone that has been a great friend and mentor for me during my last few years of college and after. We stumbled into each other at a party, I knew some of his friends and family, and we instantly connected as work partners on a project for BYU Athletics Department. Through the process, we became friends. He is someone I went to for advice at times and for guidance on how to be a better leader. He has some of the most incredible leadership skills I have ever seen, and I feel as though I have learned so much from him. He is a good person, a good friend, and an amazing example to me.

Today, I want to send my thankfulness memo out to Josh Reschke!

Josh, you are amazing. You are going to do SUCH amazing things in the world, and I am truly a more full person from knowing you. You inspire me in so many ways to believe in myself and to go for things - to try the impossible, and to laugh it off when you fall on your face. You have taught me what it means to live with conviction and real dedication to something, and to let your passions flow freely. You have taught me how to be happy with who I am, and to be more confidant... and I don't know that you even know you did these things. It was no specific lesson or moment. It was simply how you live and how you lead.... and how you befriended me. You are an incredible person, with so much potential - I'm SO excited to see what you do with it, cause you could do or be ANYTHING. A lot of people look up to you, Josh, and I hope you know that's because of how amazing you are, and inspiring you are. Thanks so much for taking me under your wing and being a good friend. I am thankful for YOU, Josh!

Song of the Day: There were a few I was debating between for different reasons, but the the real answer was obvious... This one is just so "Josh." Here, is BYU's Cougar Fight Song! Remember, we know the first words... :) (A few words on this recording aren't perfect, but it's the best I could find...) Go Cougars!!! Enjoy!

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