Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 23 is for the One and Only, Ashley!

This next girl is someone that I connected with straight-away while we were involved in the helping out the Athletics Department at BYU. We both were called in by a mutual friend to help create and start-up BYU's student fan association, Cougar United. Being involved around campus, loving sports, knowing lots of people, and being pretty handy with organizing events and such, we were pulled on-board and helped to get things going. Right off the bat I was kind of taken aback by this girl... This is going to sound a bit shallow, but as I often say, it is what it is... I was a bit shocked by how sweet and kind she was, how sincere and genuine in that kindness, and yet how beautiful. I have a lot of experience with what people classify as "the beautiful crowd," and I've always loved them and got on just fine, but there's a difference a lot of time... I apologize if it offends some, but there is oft times an aire about them, and a "high social status" idea that comes into play. I'm not saying that I am not beautiful, but... you know what I mean.

Anyway, BACK to this girl! Haha...

So, this girl is one of the kindest and most genuine individuals that I know. She really cares about others and loves to help when and where it is needed. She has a pure heart, and brings such happiness wherever she goes. I am thankful for her constant attitude of positivity and ability to have fun in all situations. Even while in stressful moments, she has a smile on her face and is quick to solve a problem. She is intelligent and funny... She will do AMAZING things in her life, and touch many lives, simply by being herself. I am so thankful for her example, humility and friendship - to know she is always there is I need her. She is amazing...

Today, I dedicate this thankfulness note to, Ashley Graf Davis!

Ashley, you have grown into someone I truly look up to and adore - even though I know you're younger than I am. Haha! :) You are a beautiful woman inside and out, and sincerely, have one of the BEST hearts I have ever come across... and I know a lot of people. You are a fantastic example and true friend. I know that you are someone I can always count on, even if we're not always close in distance and communication. You are amazing, and I will always think to you in times I need a little "pick-me-up." Thanks for being the person that you are... Today, I am thankful for YOU, Ashley!

Song of the Day: This song is actually from her wedding, but I had never heard it before then. Now, I claim Dave Barnes as one of my favorite artists - so amazing. Here is his song, Until You. LOVE. Enjoy!


Mike said...

Speaking as one of "the beautiful crowd," we are SO offended by your comments! :-) Ha ha!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Linze, this seriously made my day. Thank you so much! These are some of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me, and I could literally say them ALL about you!

You are beautiful and smart and talented and fun and genuine and kind and adventurous and thoughtful and such a wonderful friend. I'll always love those memories of girl talk with you in the SAB! I'm inspired by your love for life and positive outlook on everything. YOU are amazing, and I'm so grateful for you and your friendship!

I'm so glad you were able to have such an incredible experience in Europe this year and am excited for you to be back in America so I can hopefully see you soon! We're making a quick trip to Utah for Christmas and I'd love to meet up with you for lunch if we can make it work :-)