Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boys!!!

These next few individuals are some of my FAVORITE teenagers in the entire universe. They are SO funny and they made working at Channing some of the best years of my life... and one of my favorite jobs. I also learned SO much from them - I learned a lot about myself, my teaching and where I could improve, and how to handle some pretty sticky situations. I also learned how to NOT handle certain situations. Haha! They were boys that let me come throw a football around with them, or shoot some baskets, and act like Bad A even though I wasn't that good. I watched them grow from kids to teenagers, and am slowly continuing to see them make some grown-up decisions. It's a bit weird, seeing kids grow up before you eyes, but it's amazing and such a privilege when they allow you to be a part of their lives.

Today, I want this thankfulness memo to be for Spencer Parker, James Richards, Jiffy Martin, and the other boys from the 2009 Eighth Grade class at Channing Hall!

You boys are amazing and I am SO thankful for your examples to me... You have a good hearts and are so dang funny. To me, you give me hope for the world - sounds cheesy, but it's true. You give me faith in society and in the parenting that parents like your have done. I am so impressed by how far each of you have come and am grateful that I got to share a section of my life with each of you. Thanks for allowing me to bug you from time to time and to call you my little studs! :) I am thankful for YOU, Jiffy, James, and Spencer!

Song of the Day: So, in honor of these boys... let's hear it for em'! Here is Deneice Williams with Let's Hear It For the Boy! Enjoy!

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