Monday, December 6, 2010

Twenty Times AMAZING = Janae!

Day twenty of the thankfulness memo goes out to someone who has grown into an amazing confidant and true friend. We met when we both signed up for the London Theater Study Abroad in the Spring of 2006... We might have a talked once or twice in the prep-course, but we really became friends while in London. We danced around the house, and around the city, talked about boys and philosophy, laughed and cried... You experience a lot when you live abroad with someone. She became one one of my favorite people quickly - someone who inspired me and taught me a lot about the beauty in being a intelligent, goal-oriented woman. She is hilarious and SO much fun to be around!

Today, I want to give my thankfulness shout-out to, Janae Wilson Rogers!

Janae, you are SUCH a good friend to me. You have supported me a lot in my life and always been there for me when I needed someone most. You are a great inspiration to me in many ways... I admire your drive for life and how much you give to everything you do in life. You are SUCH a bright woman, with a lot to offer to the world - you inspire me to be the same. I am thankful for your example and your friendship. You have your heart in the right place, and I love you a lot. Thanks for being who you are, and for being a great friend to me. You've especially been a rock for me while I've been here in Germany - sending notes and such right when I needed it. You are amazing. Today, I am thankful for YOU, Janae!

Song of the Day: Michael Buble - A Foggy Day, In London Town. SO good! Enjoy!

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janae d. wilson said...

linze!!!! this is the sweetest thing ever!!! i miss your guts and am very thankful for you and your friendship! you're the bright spot in my best and worst days. Thanks for the blog dedication. and for putting a michael buble song (especially that one) at the end. Love you oodles!!!