Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 25 is for a Whole Lloyd Family!

This next group of people are some of the BEST people that I know! I was thinking about how much I have learned from them, their relationship with each other and willingness to sacrifice to help one another. This is dedicated to a family, and this family each gives up some of their time, money, energy, and personal desires to help one another. The mom, for example is a true rock. She is someone who carries a large basket of humor and wit with her wherever she goes, and always has something to add to a conversation. She gives up a LOT for her children, and they are so blessed to have her in my eyes. The daughter is one that truly looks out for her older brother and cares about him. She has goals and ambition and can achieve anything she puts her mind to be cause she is talented and SO bright! The son, who I would say I'm closest too, is an inspiration. He is someone who has achieved so much in his life and constantly pushes to learn and do more. He is SO cute and sweet... he just has a pure, good heart. I am better from knowing and working with him. I am forever changed, and my outlook on life is a better one. He makes me work harder, run faster, strive further, and dream bigger - because he does those things.
This entry of thankfulness id dedicated to, The Lloyd Family!

Heather - you are phenomenal. I KNOW that as a mom, sometimes you feel so fall short or don't know what to do in a situation. Trust yourself because you are doing an AMAZING job! You have raised two of the BEST children I know, and I know it is not always easy. You are SO funny and have such a good attitude when it counts - I REALLY admire and look-up to you. While in Germany, I thought not only of your children, but of how YOU would handle certain situations... It helped me SO much.

Dani - You are a little angel. I mean that. You are the most amazing little sister I have ever seen to your brother, and you really are there for your mom. You are someone who I know I can count on to do the right thing - you're a good example to everyone around you. You are SO smart - don't sell yourself short. Remember that YOU deserve the best in ALL aspects of life - so get it. Your talent in dance and cheer is awesome and I am SO proud of who you are becoming.

Now, Ezra - You are my favorite little guy! You have inspired me SO much in my life... You make me happy just when I think of you. Your laughter and facial expressions make me smile... You are a wonderful person, Ez. You really have taught so many others the importance of kindness and tenderness. I have seen people change because of YOU, for the better. I am SO thankful that I had the chance to work with you for those few, precious years. That time meant the world to me, and I really love you, Bud. You are AMAZING! You are going to do AMAZING things in this world! :)

Today, I am thankful for YOU, Heather, Dani, and Ezra! :)

Song of the Day: Okay, this one mostly goes out to Ezra... Haha! Here is the Transformers Theme Song from the movie! It's done by a group called Black Lab - pretty tight for that genre of music. Haha... Enjoy, Bud!

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