Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Candice Is What Dreams Are Made Of!!!

This next girl was one of my strongest confidants while I was in High School. She and I took awhile to really warm-up to each other and become close friends, but she ended up becoming one of my closest friends in High School, and I still consider her a friend now. She isn't someone that I see all the time, but I know that it wouldn't feel weird at all to randomly meet-up and hangout tomorrow. It was like that in college... We lived in different areas of the same city all through our college years, and though our hang-outs were far and few between, we always felt comfortable together and could talk about any and everything. She is just that kind of person to me - a true friend. She is also someone that I look-up to and admire SO much! She has SUCH a good heart and really cares about her friends. She loves to make them laugh, and trust me, we have spent TONS of our time together doing that. She's the kind of girl that always "spices things up" and is the life of the party. She's a dancing queen, karaoke star, and fashion guru - one that I always look to for style tips to "spice up" my wardrobe. Haha! She's just FUN, and KIND, and an amazing person!

Today, I want to dedicate my blog entry of thankfulness to Candice Cheney Carter!

Candice, you are someone that will always be considered a close friend in my life. I know that I can always count on you, and that you are sincere with me. You have taught me so much about confidence in myself and in others. You just build people without even trying! It's a unique gift, and I'm thankful you've used it with me. I have SO many memories with you - "borrowing" the pirates sign from McDonald's, EFY dances and dancing around our room, Show Choir, late night drives, double dates, Graduation, Pioneer Treks and youth conference... The list could run mils deep and it was all good! You have a good heart, and an incredible testimony, and I am a stronger woman in the gospel because of your influence and spirit. I have no doubt that Charlotte is one of the luckiest little girls on the planet. To have a mother like you, and a father like Craig, is such a blessing - you are AMAZING parents, I'm sure! Thank you for always being a friend, and letting me know that you're there for me... It has meant a lot. Today, I am thankful for YOU, Candice! (Or, should I say, C-LO? Haha!)

Song of the Day: There are a million and one jams that I could dedicate to Candice that remind me of our HS dances, driving through C-ville or after seminary, or just from hanging out... "My body is a wonderland!" - HAHA! However, this has to be a classic for us... Here is Lizzie McGuire's (aka: Hillary Duff's) song, This Is What Dreams Are Made Of - REMIX STYLE!!! (P.S. One, I can STILL tell when it's her of her stunt double dancing. Two, I can't believe I found both versions together without having to skip tracks by myself - haha!) Enjoy!


Mike said...

Should I be embarrassed to admit that the Lizzie Maguire movie was the first movie I saw post-mission? :-)

C&C said...

This is so presh! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to comment on it yesterday! I'm even luckier to know you--we have had so many good times i can't even count them! and you're right, if we didn't see each other for over a year (like right now) and then we saw each other it would be just the same (plus a baby)and not awkward. love that about our relationship. LOVE YOU! have a great last day in germany!