Friday, December 3, 2010

Seventeen Again! Reliving Younger Years w/ Mini Me!

I have been SO lucky over the past few years with having the opportunity to get to know another version of myself. Haha! This girl has key differences from myself, but I see so much of my personality and passion in her. She has the dramatic side to her that I ADORE, and it makes things so much more fun... or funny. :) She has a ridiculous sense of humor and wit, and she is SUCH an intelligent girl. I am constantly impressed by her drive and ambition for life and all it has to offer... She is going to do amazing things! I am thankful for the times she came and hung out with the "old-bag" I am, keeping me young and laughing at life. She really has inspired me to reach for things in my life, and I'm sure she doesn't even know it.

I recall one night we went to the Twilight escapade at the mall in Murray, and had dinner before hand. She asked me a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon and told me about her goals to read the entire thing and know her facts about religion... She told me of her doubts and her faith - where she was and where she wanted to be. She has no idea, but if for nothing else, that night inspired ME. I was changed after that discussion, and I became more driven in who I am within the gospel and as an individual. She has no idea the power that she has in influencing others for the better.
Today, I want to dedicate my thankfulness note to my "mini me," Lynzie Little!!!

Lynzie - you are amazing, exceptional... You have helped other grow in the comfort of their own skin and you don't even know it. People just LOVE you and are drawn to you - you make others happy just by being there around them. I'm not sure you realize how special you are... not yet. Perhaps you'll never realize it, and that's ok... because you'll continue to just "be you," and that will be enough to move mountains for others. I'm not exaggerating either, Lynzie. You are unique and special. I am so proud to see you constantly growing and being a good example to me and others. I know that I can always count on you for that, and I am grateful to you for this. Thank you. Today, I am thankful for YOU, Lynzie!

Song of the Day: Haha... This is because of a long night in the car when we spent FOREVER trying to figure out the meaning to this song... I think I figured it out - The American Dream of a child and the older generations was cut down and the feel that the voice of the people has been suffocated and the dreams are dying with the innocence and generation. That is my interpretation. Haha! Here is Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. Enjoy!

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