Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day for Three: Brooke, Amber, and Alisa!!!

This next group of girls was really important to during a time that could have been potential horrible in High School. After my move to Virginia right before my 11th school year, I felt like I had after each move while I was growing-up. I was nervous about making new friends and fitting in. I had gone to church a few times, but didn't seem to click with any of the girls there right off the bat. I think that I'm a person that people grow to love, but sometimes think is a little crazy at first. Anyway, I don't completely remember HOW we all came together, and why these girls took me under their wing, but they did. They became some of my best friends and closest confidants, and my junior year became one of my best years. I am grateful that they accepted my loud, random comments and dramatic persona, and wanted to be my friend. They are some of the most caring girls that I know.

Today, I want to send a thankfulness dedication to Brooke Wright, Amber Guthrie, and Alisa Pettitt.

First, Brooke - You have been a rock and an example for me through- out the years. You are someone who I admire and look-up to, and I am thankful for all the things that you have taught me. You taught me a lot about believing in myself and knowing I'm beautiful... It might sound dumb, but it's helped m a lot. You have this ability to inspire others, and it's quite amazing. You were the first one to really reach out to me when I was the "new kid," and I am SO thankful you did. I'm glad we have continued to b friends through the bumps and distance - I love you! You're a GOOD person Brooke... The world needs more women like you. I am thankful for YOU, Brookie-san! :)

Amber - When I think of you, I think of all the times we went for a drive in your car and sang at the top of our lungs. I think of your classic laugh, and dance moves. I think of your amazing room and how it inspired me to make my own crazy, awesome room in HS and the MANY ways you inspired me to be who I am today. You're a power-house and a fighter... you're a force to be reckoned with, and that's meant in the BEST way. You are SUCH an example of fighting for what you believe in, and standing up for yourself and others. You are an amazing and SUCH an inspiration to me still. I am thankful for YOU, Amber!

Alisa - You have such a good heart. Really, I have always been impressed with how you genuinely care for others. You have a unique ability to really love others quickly and a willingness to be a good friend. You're real. I was always so thankful for your kind words and friendship, and you ability to just be there when I needed you. You're someone I look-up to and admire. You're someone that I think of often and think of your chill attitude when I need to calm myself.... You're incredible to me. I am thankful for YOU, Alisa!
To each of you - you're amazing. Remember that in all that you do and go after - I love you so much, still. Thank you for being my friends and inspirations.

Song of the Day: Um, this HAS to be Missy Elliot's song, Work It! Remember 2002 Homecoming? Um.... YEA. HAHAHA!!! Do the dance ladies... Love it. Enjoy!

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