Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am Thankful for Norwegians! (Plus a Few More!)

This next set of individuals are some that have only been in my life for a short time, and yet I am SO thankful for all that they have taught me. They have taught me about reaching out to others, befriending outsiders, and being genuinely invested in the gospel. I am often inspired by the effort that some people have to make to get to church or take part in activities, firesides, meetings, etc. Everyone, no matter where they are, must make an effort to be an active member of the gospel - invested in the heart, and not just in their actions. However, some people have to seem to work to be active in action more than in other places. This will give it away a bit, but I am impressed by the kindness that people showed me this past Spring when I was in Norway. I was the random girl from the USA, living in Germany, who knew one other person (from Denmark) going to the YSA Convention, and yet was taken in and given a home for the week, shown around the city, and showered with friendship the moment I stepped off the plane. I'm a fairly confident person, but I was nervous about going alone, and these people made me feel wonderful.

Today, I send my thankfulness memo to those boys and girls who helped me celebrate Norway's Independence with the 17th of Mai celebration!

A few people who really stick out to me, must be thanked a bit more personally...

Barbara - Thank you SO much for offering your home to me. You were SO kind to me, and I was a COMPLETE stranger. However, I seriously felt so connected to you instantly - that's a gift you have with people. You truly know how to help others feel love and bring them into the fold. You are an AMAZING example and I look-up to you a lot - I wish we lived closer. Remember, my home in the states is always open to you - ALWAYS. You are such an incredible and spiritually in-tune person. Thank you, again. I am thankful for YOU, Barbs!

Katarina - You simply inspire me. You are SO sweet and kind! You are SO GOOD. You have a tender and pure heart. You reach out to EVERYONE around you and are so great at looking out for those who need a friend or a helping hand. You're just one of those people that makes me automatically think of my Savior and the person that he was/is... I wish more people were like you, Katarina. :) I am thankful for YOU!

Third, Cristina and Hannah - You two are HILARIOUS! You make things so much fun and have such a great sense of humor. You really took me under your wing and I am beyond grateful for your friendship and love. You are two amazing examples to me and really hold soft spots in my heart. I feel SO blessed to know you girls! What I love most about both of you is the ability you each have to be great members of the gospel and yet genuine in who you are - I am trying to think of a better way to say this, but I can't. Haha! You aren't fake, and you're focused on the right things... It's pretty awesome. You're caring, fun, and wonderful people, and I feel blessed to know you. I am thankful for YOU, Cristina and Hannah!

Also, Mike - You were there for me when I really needed a friend. You were the perfect person to ease me into life in Germany, and I'm glad that we have continued our friendship. You are so smart and fun to be around - you have big dreams, and it's inspiring! You always give me something to think about when we talk and I know that you have great things ahead of you. You're amazing - remember that! Thanks for reaching out to me and caring about me. It means so much! Mike, I am thankful for YOU!

AND, I just can't mention Mike and that trip without mentioning, Michelle. Michelle - You are an amazing person! You are SO much fun and a kindred spirit for me. Your constant smile and laughter makes you SO easy to be around. I think it's pretty awesome how easy you are for any and everyone to be around. You just make people comfortable, and feel important - what a talent for people you have been given! You have a passionate heart, and you use that passion to care for others. I am SO thankful to call you a friend. Michelle, I am thankful for YOU!

To all others who were there for me to get to know while up in Norway, I am thankful for you and all of your examples and created laughter. Thanks for putting up with my "man voice," and loving me anyway. Haha! I think the world of all of you and am thankful for a GREAT experience while I was there... I'm kinda in love with Norwegians.

Song of the Day: I know that not all of you are from Norway (I completely respect and love Spain and Denmark too - haha!), but I am giving this shout-out to those who shared this experience with me. So, here is a little piece of my time in Norway with our Boom-Chicka-Boom cheer! :) Enjoy!


Barby said...

Heei babe!! You are just AMAZING!! I don`t know how to express my thanks to you for reminding us all what a GREAT and loving person you are! I love you for remembering our awesome days together. And I too, came to loove you just after seconds. You are such a lovable person, you are funny, straightforward and always looking out for everybody else than yourself! You are incredible. My list is so much longer! I wished I could list it all, but I know that would take days! I love you sweety, and time will come when I end up at your side (U.S) and I WILL find you because I would love to hang out again! :D Ps: Merry x-mas!

Vegard said...

I think I must have just went out when you did your cheer.. :P Dang that was good :D haha..

Hope your having a good time still in Germany! :D