Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'll Take a Chance Any Day!

Day 22 - my lucky number had to go to someone special! It doesn't even seem like it's been that many, by the way... I love doing these.

This next individual is one of my favorite people.
He and I have been friends since the summer of 2006 as EFY counselors, and have grown closer throughout the years. He is one of the most intelligent people I know, and really knows how to reach out to people. I am constantly impressed by his ability to draw in those around him, to unite people under a cause and to be the incredible leader that he was born to become. His abilities and personality inspire others - I know they have pushed me to work harder and be a little better. I am so thankful for that... I am in awe at the way he works with with the power to get things done and maintains Christ-like heart and attitude. He loves those he serves, and I have learned SO much about the power of service from him. He gives me hope for the future... If we had more hard-working, good-natured people out there - more people like him - we would have a MUCH better world.

Today, My thankfulness message is dedicated to, Chance Basinger!

Chance, you have grown to become one of my best friends. I know that I can turn to you in anything, and everything. You believe in me, and that motivates me more than you know. I am so thankful for the way you have pushed me (perhaps without even knowing) to strive for things that I believe in and to be better person. I am better from knowing you. You are hilarious - HILARIOUS! I will never forget the times we have shared laughing in the car or your apartment, sharing late-night talks and advice, and just finding the humor in the everyday events of our life... We make a pretty funny pair sometimes. I am thankful beyond all things to call you a friend and confidant - I hope we stay that way throughout the years to come... You are amazing. You inspire SO many people to be GOOD and to believe in things - you are seriously more special than I think you realize, and you're going to do amazing things in your life. You're going to change the world. As far as I'm concerned, you already have. Today, I am thankful for YOU, Chance! :)

Story-time! This one involves the person to whom this entry is dedicated...

So, the other night I was in charge of bedtime duty with the boys, which means violin practice as well. Nico recently got a new violin and Finn took his old one. The old one's name is "Lucy," but the new one didn't have a name yet... I have been trying for three weeks to get him to choose a name, and that night I ALMOST got him to go for "Guido," when he said, "What are names of your boyfriends?" I said, "Nico and Finn." He laughed and said, "NO. I mean you boyfriends at home , or your friends that are boys." I said, "Ben, Chance, Adam, Tyler..."

Suddenly, he yelled, "STOP! Chance? Like in Homeward Bound?" I said, "Well, except that's a talking dog, and my friend is a real, live boy." Nico replied, "Chance... Tell your friend there is now a dog and a violin named after him."

Thus, Nico has named his violin, CHANCE. After, he said, "It's partially cause I have to take a lot of CHANCES when trying to play it right... get it?" HAHA! He's a smart cookie.

So, CONGRATS, Chance Basinger! You have a violin in Germany named after YOU. Here's a video of Nico practicing on his new violin, "Chance." He is way too adorable with his "You're Welcome very much" at the end... Love this boy.


Song of the Day: Um, this one wasn't even a contest to see what I would chose. Here is B2K with Bump Bump Bump. Oh, haha... Enjoy!

B2K & P. Diddy - Bump Bump Bump
Hochgeladen von foxysoul. - Sieh mehr Musikvideos, in HD!

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Chance said...

Oh wow a whole blog post... A couple of things that made me really happy:

1.) Pic of me laughing outside the van
2.)The violin named Chance
3.)Bump, Bump, Bump (Now my secret is out...haha)

Linz, you are a so great and have really made my day with this. Can't wait to see you soon!