Monday, December 27, 2010

Reunions: Take One!

So, about fourteen hours after my return to the states, I had the GREATEST gift ever for Christmas! I got to see my best friend, Sarah! She is awesome and it was GREAT to see her after not seeing each other face-to-face for two and half years. She was on a mission from October 2008 through March 2010 and I left in January 2010... So, two and half years later (about) we finally got to see each other. We were a BIT excited, screaming and running to hug each other, and it was fantastic to visit and just finally be able to call one another whenever we want, or see each other in a short drive's time. It's fabulous.

After seeing Sarah for only a few moments at my house, we headed out to meet up with another friend and old roommate of ours, Melissa! Can I just say, I love Melissa!? Haha... It was SO fun, sitting for two to two and a half hours, just visiting and eating... Oh, and might I say, Cafe Rio is STILL as good as it always was! Be still my heart... I love me a pork salad. Haha!

Anyway, I was SO lucky to see some of my closest friends - Melissa certainly has become that to me. Merry Christmas Eve to me! Haha...

Other notes: I sang in church today with my mom and my sister - SO awesome! We sang "Breath of Heaven," from Amy Grant's Christmas song book. We were all hacking and gacking beforehand cause we've been sick, but we pulled through and it was so great to sing with them. I haven't sung with them in public ever, so it was a neat experience.

Christmas was good... I feel blessed to be safely back in my home here in UT, surrounded by friends and family. I'm a lucky girl.
Next challenge: Finding a job! If anyone knows of anything, drop me a line. I would LOVE to work in the theater, film, entertainment field, but I am open to other things. I wouldn't mind getting more experience in a secretarial post, political office, or within the events arena. If anyone hears anything, PLEASE pass it on! :) Vielen Dank!

Song of the Day: I'm lovin' on this jam... Here is Fefe Dobson with her new song, Stuttering! The video is somewhat random and bizarre, but the song is great. Enjoy!

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