Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks to Three Women of Strength!

These next ladies have been so great to me throughout my last year here in Germany! At different moments they have taken me under their wing and helped me out in little ways. I have felt blessed to call each of them a friend and am thankful for their examples to me. They are each INCREDIBLE mothers and examples of parenting. I have spoken with each one at different times about how they deal with certain things, and they always have the best advice. They have always been supportive of me as I have been here, and willing to help whenever it's needed. I am thankful for who they have helped me become in this past year, as I have learned a lot from each one of them. It wasn't about the amount of time I spent with them, but the examples each woman set. I see such a light from each one of them. They are incredible individuals.

Today, I want to send my thankfulness memo to Steffi Thomas, Heidi Miller, and Coreen Engstrom!

I am grateful for all that each of you have a taught me! I love you each of you so much and have found that I am better at being ME because of each of you. I've seen some pretty nightmare parents (and kids) while working in schools back home, but you guys are different. You give me hope in parenting and raised some incredible children. At one time or another, all of you have shared your testimony with me... You have brought a new strength to me and added new pieces to my testimony. Additionally, I am thankful for just the comfort of knowing you as I have been here in Germany- having someone to talk or laugh with. It can be SO hard to feel at home in a foreign country, and you each made me feel a part of something at one point. I am beyond grateful for that. I hope that someday, I can take on attributes from each of you, and become a ultra-super-mom! Haha... Or, at least a better person. Today, I am thankful for YOU, Coreen, Heidi, and Steffi! :)

Song of the Day: I figured that I should post a song that would let you ladies know that your lessons will always b with me - So, here is I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLachlan. Enjoy!

Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You
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